Medicali is a company that should be familiar to anyone who knows anything about quality glass pieces. The noted California manufacturer is one of the most accomplished glass makers in the business, with long years of service attesting to their commitment to quality and excellence. Suffice it to say, if quality is what you are looking for in a glass piece, Medicali is the firm best qualified to accommodate your needs.

Medicali has made a name for itself with a superb line of scientific glass instruments that deliver outstanding quality and performance. Built in the company’s own Modern Flame Factory, these glass pieces are among the most highly-regarded in the medical community due to their precision build quality. The company produces a range of functional glass pieces at many different price points.

Effective 5-arm percolator

medicali 5tree bubblerWith the introduction of the Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler, Medicali has truly outdone itself in the area of its high-quality glass instruments. Featuring an innovative 5-arm tree percolator design, the device is also equipped with a bent neck and a generously-sized pinch bowl measuring 18mm. Measuring 12” tall and 8” wide, the 5-Tree is a great option for daily home use.

Billed as a ‘master’ bubbler, the Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler delivers considerable power and performance, while ensuring maximum efficiency at the same time. The 5-Tree arm design gives users effective filtration that ensures a smooth and potent experience, with none of the harshness associated with other designs. With the Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler, you get the full flavor and potency of your herbs and oils each and every time you inhale.

Efficient use of your herbs

The Medicali 5-Tree Straight Bubbler’s design also allows users to make maximum use of their herbs and oils. With its innovative bubbling action and superior filtration capabilities, users get a cleaner and more flavorful experience unlike what’s on offer by most of the market today. Because you can use your herbs and oils much more efficiently, you can reduce wastage and prolong your supply.

Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubblers are available in red or Rasta Medicali graphic. Don’t be fooled by the ‘hip and cool’ appearance though. As stylish and visually impressive as the Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler is, it is also a high-quality glass product befitting the stellar Medicali line of quality glass instruments. You therefore not only get a stylish bubbler that you can proudly display, but also a state-of-the-art glass instrument that delivers serious power and versatility.

Here’s a look at the Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler feature set:

  • Measurements: 12” tall x 8” wide
  • 5-arm tree design percolator
  • Bent neck
  • 18mm pinch bowl
  • 18mm joint size
  • Medicali logo color options: red or rasta

The Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler delivers great performance at a very attractive price point. Whether you are new to the world of bubblers or you are looking to upgrade from your current unit, Medicali is a company worth looking into for its amazing product line, and the Medicali 5 Tree Straight Bubbler is one of the shining diamonds in the company’s stellar collection.

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