Let’s be honest – when it comes to detox drinks, there is a lot of propaganda out there, and lots of products make lots of outrageous claims. On top of that, detox drinks often have an awful taste. Magnum’s drinks, however, don’t fall into either category.

Looks and Design

Design is often looked over; after all, most people drink these things for the results, not for the taste. Magnum Detox, on the other hand, is constantly researching ways to make their products more palatable, and it shows. They are less thick than other detox drinks, and all four flavors could rival your favorite sports drink in terms of taste.


The drinks do a good job if you are using them to pass a drug test, but be sure to follow the instructions carefully in order to be successful. It is just as easy to fail a drug test if you simply drink the drink without following the instructions. Magnum Detox also offers mouthwashes and Permanent Cleanser, which will keep you clean for 7 days or until you smoke again.

The Kit

Get a 16 oz Magnum Detox Drink with free drug test for $29.99 or a 32 oz Magnum Detox Drink with free drug test for $49.99.

The Verdict

Magnum Detox is one of the best in the industry, and if you are looking for a great cleansing product, then look no further. Try it out, and be sure to follow the instructions closely.

It is very important when researching any item to make sure that you are getting a quality, accurate review that points out both negative and positive aspects of the product. At Stoner Things, we take the extra time to add the details you need in order to form a proper opinion of the product. Our Magnum Detox Drink review was carefully constructed and based on facts, as well as our opinion. We at Stoner Things are a neutral, impartial party aiming to provide an exact, factual representation of the product at hand.

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