Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a filter for a joint? This handy guide will show you how to do it quickly and easily, with readily available materials. A well-rolled joint is pretty much a perfect creation that doesn’t really need anything else to make it work. However, adding a well-shaped filter makes joints smoke a lot better and keeps herbal matter and ashes from being inhaled along with the smoke.

Check out the useful video below, walking you through how to make a filter for a joint. Read the steps below for more detail.


1.  The first step is to prepare your filter material. Rolling paper manufacturer RAW actually makes unperforated tips that are ideally suited for this purpose. You may use other brands of course – and even simply a bit of cardboard – but RAW tips roll easily and are just the right thickness and texture for a filter. Besides, they are cheap and easily available almost anywhere.

2.  Take one piece of the filter tip and make a fold at one end. This first fold should be just about the same width as the thickness of a standard pack of rolling papers.

3.  Make 5 more folds at the same end of the filter tip, making for a total of 6 folds. When done, the folded end of the filter paper should look like a zigzag pattern with 6 distinct panels.

4.  Roll the other end of the filter in order to make a curl. Roll this end over the folded end, forming a sort of loose tube around the folded section of the paper.

5.  Roll the tube between your fingers, gently at first, and then more tightly as the tube takes shape.

6.  At this point, you should unroll the tube just to fluff it out a little bit.

7.  Proceed with rolling the tube back tightly. At this point, you should have a tightly rolled tube with the center ‘filtered’ by the folded section. Make sure that there is enough space between the folds for smoke to get through, but not enough to allow ash and other debris to get through.

8.  Place the finished filter at the mouthpiece end of the joint being rolled. Make sure that the seam of the filter is facing the same way as the rolling paper. This will ensure a tight fit as you roll the joint, and prevent the filter from unrolling and becoming loose.

9.  Seal up the joint tightly and make sure that the filter is positioned properly. If necessary, nudge the filter into place by pushing it in gently with your fingers.

10.  At this point, your joint is ready to use, with the filter serving to keep the end of the joint open.


And that’s how to make a filter for a joint. Enjoy your creation and make sure to pass the knowledge along!


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