If you like smoking rolled weed, you might be wondering how you can stop your joints from burning unevenly and canoeing. Whether you’re looking for a few pro tips for your rolling technique to prevent canoeing altogether or just here to troubleshoot a joint that’s actively canoeing, we’ve got you covered.

What is a canoeing joint?

When your joint “canoes,” it means that the joint burns unevenly, resulting in one side burning faster and forming a canoe-like shape.  Canoeing can be caused by a lot of different factors, like uneven packing within the joint, a poor roll job, weed that’s too wet or too dry, the quality of your rolling paper, and how you hit the joint itself.

Basically, a canoeing joint is an unevenly burning joint, which can be a huge pain to troubleshoot and a major waste of weed. Canoeing disrupts the burning of the joint, which may lead to harsher smoke, and alter how potent certain parts of the joint are, making it harder to accurately gauge how the joint is affecting you. It’s also a huge party foul. A canoed joint is super hard to pass around, and can make it difficult for everyone to get a good hit. So even if you know how to roll a joint perfectly, read on to learn how to deal with an unevenly burning joint when the inevitable happens.

How to fix a joint that’s burning unevenly

With a joint burning unevenly, you might be wondering what you can do to save it. If you notice a joint starting to canoe, below are some steps you can take to try to correct it. While these methods may not always completely eliminate canoeing, they can help mitigate the issue and promote a more even burn.

1. Let it go out

Fix a canoeing joint by letting it go out

One of the best methods we’ve found is actually one of the simplest, but it takes a little patience. If your joint starts burning unevenly, simply stopping smoking it and letting it go out can help to solve the problem. As the joint cools down, the longer side will generally be subject to higher heat, causing it to naturally burn faster than the shorter side. Once the joint has gone out, relighting it will often even things out.

2. Moisten the faster-burning side

Take your finger or a moistened cloth and gently dampen the side of the joint that is burning faster. Remember, you don’t want to soak it since the joint will burn unevenly. However, a little bit of saliva or water can help slow down the burning on that side and allow the other side to catch up.

3. Rotate the joint

Turn the joint upside down so that the canoe-shaped side is facing down. This can help redistribute the heat and encourage a more balanced burn. It allows the slower-burning side to catch up and helps mitigate the canoeing effect.

4. Use a lighter to even it out

If the canoeing is significant and the above methods haven’t resolved the issue, you can use a lighter to burn the longer side of the joint. Apply the flame gently and evenly to the longer side, aiming to catch up with the faster-burning side. However, be cautious with this method, as it can potentially waste some unburned cannabis at the tip.

How to stop joints from canoeing in the first place

If you want to avoid a joint that will canoe altogether, you should consider the integrity of the joint itself first and foremost.

1. Use high quality rolling papers

Use high-quality rolling papers that are thick and even, as thinner papers tend to burn more easily and unevenly. It helps to use papers with built in crutches or filter tips, as they can encourage better airflow throughout your joint and prevent the dreaded canoe. And if you’re making a filter tip, make sure how you know how to do it properly.

2. Avoid using weed that’s too wet or too dry

You’ll also want to consider your weed itself. If your weed is too dry, your bud might burn faster than the paper which can lead to canoeing. Alternatively, weed that’s too moist can burn unevenly or go out. Weed that isn’t grinded to the same consistency can also canoe as smaller pieces will burn faster than others. It helps to grind your weed with a grinder and store it in a sealed jar away from light and heat with a 2-way humidity pack until you’re ready to use it.

3. Roll evenly and tightly

stop joint burning unevenly by rolling tightly

From there it boils down to technique. Roll your joints evenly and tightly, taking care to make sure the weed is evenly distributed throughout the joint before you seal it. Make sure there are no loose spots or areas with excessive paper that may hinder the burn. A consistent roll is key to preventing air pockets that can cause your joint to burn unevenly. You can use your fingers and a packing tool to help fill in any loose spots. Just take care to pack firmly, but not too tightly. Rolling too loose is prone to canoeing, but packing too tight restricts airflow which can also lead to canoeing or the joint going out altogether.

4. Light the joint evenly and slowly

light joint evenly

After you’ve achieved the perfect roll, you can light the joint. Using a hemp wick or a high-quality butane lighter, hold the joint in one hand with the tip facing upward. Apply the flame to the tip, and rotate it while you apply the heat to make sure the flame touches the entire surface area. It helps to stay out of the wind while you light or smoke your joint, as extra oxygen can create an uneven burn.

5. Toke it gently at first

Take small, gentle hits at first to make sure the whole tip cherries before you hit it like normal. Consistent airflow also prevents canoeing, so be sure to avoid inhaling too forcefully. Use slow, even draws to encourage a steady, even burn and don’t hit it too fast. A short pause between hits can allow the burn to even out and prevent canoeing.

At the end of the day, canoeing may not necessarily make the joint completely unsmokable, but it can detract from the overall enjoyment of the experience. Taking steps to prevent or address canoeing can help enhance the quality of the joint and provide a more consistent and satisfying smoking experience. Remember to always roll and light your joints evenly, hit them gently, and moisten the faster burning side whenever possible.


  1. Man, they have taken something as simple as smoking or even rolling a doobie to a whole new concept of idiocy. 1.It is called running(since the 60’s) NOT canoeing.I am 69,been smoking weed for 52 yrs & have never heard the term canoeing.All of this STUPID apparatus (glass) to smoke weed is unnecessary. A bong that costs more than $15.00 is a waste of money. I have bongs I’ve made for just the cost of the bowl and downstem that don’t only look cool (Eifel Tower), but get you just as high as a $200.00 glass monstrosity that WILL get broken.Favorite steamroller? Toilet paper core with aluminum foil with holes poked by a staple.Basically free and disposable.Rather save the $ for product.


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