Headdies is a name that should be familiar to most dabbers by now. The company was responsible for what was probably the most innovative device to have ever hit the scene: the Dab Vac. With a host of unique features and a then-unheard-of glass-on-glass system, the Dab Vac was everything that anyone could have ever wanted in a dabbing rig. Now, with the release of the much-improved Dab Vac Deluxe, fans of the original Dab Vac have even more reasons to be impressed.

Glass-on-glass design

Dab Vac DeluxeUnlike most of the dabbing rigs of the day, the Dab Vac eschewed the standard titanium nail system for a glass-on-glass design that was simply like nothing else on the market at the time. Providing much more control over the amount consumed with every hit, the Dab Vac’s glass-on-glass system represented a significant leap forward in the evolution of dabbing technology.

The good news is that the Dab Vac Deluxe embodies the same spirit of innovation as the original model, with an equally impressive system that promises to take dabbing to a whole new level of efficiency and performance. However, the Dab Vac Deluxe does the original one better with a slight redesign that reduces both reclaim buildup and minimizes wastage. Even with the innovative features of the original Dab Vac, reclaim buildup was a common problem. With the Dab Vac Deluxe, however, the issue has been dealt with adequately, ensuring a much more enjoyable and less wasteful dabbing experience.

Maximum efficiency

dab vac deluxeLike the original, the Dab Vac Deluxe enables users to hold the glass rod to the concentrate for dosing. Varying the amount of time the rod stays in contact with the dab will determine how much vapor can be inhaled with each hit: the longer you hold the rod to the dab, the more vapor you get. This more efficient dabbing process allowed by the glass-on-glass system is a large part of what has made the Dab Vac such a runaway hit in dabbing circles, and it is good to know that the Deluxe offers pretty much the same performance and functionality.

Like the original model, the Dab Vac Deluxe is made of high-quality components, precision-machined for the ultimate in performance and reliability. The ground glass-on-glass connections allow for a perfectly air-tight seal, ensuring you of a totally satisfactory dabbing experience. The Deluxe model also now features a reclaim holster, which prevents the buildup of sticky deposits from your concentrates. With a spot in which to place your rod in between dabs, you can keep your rig looking fresh and clean for much longer.

At $95, the Dab Vac Deluxe comes in at around the median of the price range for dabbing rigs. For the money, you get an absolutely impressive performer that can handle virtually any type of dabbing situation you care to subject it to. You also get to choose the size you prefer (14mm or 19mm), available in both male and female connectors. The package comes standard with high-grade silicon tubing, and a precision-designed quartz wand. For the ultimate dabbing experience, you simply can’t go wrong with the Dab Vac Deluxe.

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