Does the current state of the world ever make you want to go off the grid? Or, question the likelihood of an apocalypse at any moment? We feel you, kid. Our September giveaway is ready to support your stoner needs in a state of survival.

The Genius Survival Kit features their patented pipe, a bunch of accessories, and a backpack to tote it all on the go.

Enter for your chance to win at the bottom of this page.

The Genius Pipe 

The brand’s staple is a unique design inspired by technology used to cool nuclear reactors. Made from anodized aluminum, the Genius Pipe offers waterless filtration with its dimple design that creates millions of micro vortices with every hit. And, no water means more flavor.

Genius Pipe

Genius x V Syndicate Grinder 

A V Syndicate x Genius collaboration resulted in a grinder and dab tool combo that works with the Genius Pipe to create a unique 3-in-1 tool. Grind your flower, handle your concentrates with ease, and then slide the tool into the pipe to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Genius Grinder Dab Tool


Transform the Genius Pipe into a dab-friendly vaporizing device with this ceramic stone that delivers full flavor. Simply place the stone inside the bowl, load your concentrates on top, and heat with a hemp wick or lighter. Upon heating, concentrates are absorbed by the stone until it’s hot enough to vaporize them.

Genius Pipe G Stone

12-Pack of TruTaste Screens

No metallic taste or runaway wire frays here. The TruTaste Screens made from surgical grade stainless steel are an upgrade to standard pipe screens with a thicker diameter wire, higher melting point, and self-repairing design. Screens last for up to three months, and with a 12-pack you’ll be set for a while.

Genius Screens

Genius Sponges 

This 2-pack makes cleaning quick and easy. Specifically designed for the Genius Pipe, the Genius Sponge is made from a metallic mesh that cleans sticky residuals with ease. Though the material is tough enough to clean sans iso, it won’t scratch or weather your pipe.

Genius Sponges

Genius Fresh Odor Spray

Yes, it’s 2020, yet for some (odd) reason cannabis isn’t legalized across the country. Keep it discrete with this yummy-smelling odor eliminator by Genius. It doesn’t just mask, it removes. Use is anywhere and everywhere that the skunky-delicious tastes of your meds aren’t welcome. It’s guaranteed to remove the stankiest smells in under 15 seconds!

Genius Odor Spray

Genius Backpack 

Who doesn’t need a high quality backpack? The first item from the Genius wear collection won’t disappoint. This backpack is cool and functional with smell-proof, water-proof, padded protection. It can turn into a bag or pouch, too.

Genius Backpack

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Genius Pipe Takeover

Shout out to Katherine M., our August Giveaway Winner! Enjoy being high at home with an assortment of goodies that supports the cause.

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