If you’re on the hunt for a new strain to try at your local dispensary, look no further than Jerry OG. Jerry OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid best known for its energetic and physically soothing high that can treat symptoms of depression and stress as well as pain, asthma, and other chronic conditions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Jerry OG strain.

Jerry OG Lineage 

Jerry OG is an Orange County classic best known for its energy-inducing, clear mental high and deep rooted physical relief. It’s a sativa-dominant cross between two west-coast classics: Jack Herer, a potent sativa, and Larry OG, which is a hybrid cross between OG Kush and SFV OG. In the years since it was first propagated, the strain has made its way into dispensaries all over the country, boasting potencies upwards of 20% to 25% THC.

Jerry OG Marijuana Strain
Jerry OG strain review

Jerry OG Appearance

Jerry OG is a beautiful, classic cannabis strain. She grows tall and stalky in standard sativa-dominant fashion, displaying skinny dark green water leaves and lighter-colored stalks. She offers a medium-sized yield of broad, spongy flowers that take on an alien appearance thanks to the presence of THC-laden trichomes that coat the flowers in a light silvery blanket. When the flowers dry and break away from the main colas, they take on a sagey lime green appearance with dark green sugar leaves. Each one is covered in sandy brown and amber orange pistils that curl out from the calyxes in all directions.

Jerry OG Aromas 

On the living plant, Jerry OG flowers are floral and sweet with distinct notes of OG Kush family funk and a warm spicy herbaceousness. When the flowers are cured and dried, they take hold on to that spicy kush scent. However when they’re ground up or broken apart, they open up into a sweet, citrusy and herbal scent reminiscent of pine needles.

Jerry OG Weed
Jerry OG strain review

Jerry OG Flavors

The smells translate well into the flavor profile of Jerry OG. Once ground, packed into a bowl, and lit, the initial impression is that of sweet citrus and spice. The smoke itself is quite peppery and spicy, similar to the flavors of many other kush-family strains. However, the strains true colors come out upon the exhale. Once the strain exits the body, it leaves a uniquely sweet and herbal flavor on the tongue with distinct notes of sweet citrus, sour lemon and earth, and and herbal pine flavor. The flavor can be described as a sweet and sour tango for the tongue.

Jerry OG Effects 

The unique scents and flavors of Jerry OG translate well into its effects thanks to the presence of Myrcene, Limonene and Pinene terpenes which help boost some of the effects of THC. With an herbal and citrusy flavor profile, Jerry OG promotes a great mix of mental cerebral effects and deeply relaxing physical effects. Many users describe the first impression of Jerry OG to be bright and uplifting, chasing away feelings of stress and fatigue with ease and leaving behind a clear-headed, energetic mental effect. After the effects take hold, it tends to creep into the body where it soothes sore muscles, eases the symptoms of chronic pain or arthritis, stops cramps and spasms, and helps with nausea. However, even with such powerful physical effects, Jerry OG is still considered a sativa-leaning strain. It works well in both the mind and body without the couch-lock or slowed down sluggish feeling that some THC-heavy indica strains offer.

Jerry OG Marijuana Review
Jerry OG strain review

Jerry OG Medical Uses 

The beautiful marriage between physical and mental effects promoted by the Jerry OG cannabis strain make it a great choice for daytime medicine. The strain helps without hindering and offers powerful relief without having to worry about the midday crash as you would with many other physically relieving strains. The balance of effects makes Jerry OG a good choice for soothing mental symptoms like chronic stress, anxiety, or depression as well as fatigue thanks to its clear, uplifting, energetic sensation. However, it’s also a top-tier choice for treating chronic conditions, like pain, PMS, muscle cramps and spasms, asthma, and nausea. Ultimately, it’s a great choice for daytime use and medicating on the go.

Jerry OG Grow Guide

Jerry OG grows in typical sativa fashion: tall and larfy with skinny water leaves and cola-bearing stalks. She’s rated moderate when it comes to cultivation since she likes to grow, but it takes some practice to get her to grow to her full potential. She needs a lot of bending, topping, and training early on to encourage manageable growth and stalks that can support big flowers. We recommend setting up trellis netting for the tops to grow through to keep her manageable. The strain isn’t any more susceptible to pests and disease than most, but always be sure to monitor your humidity levels with Jerry OG to avoid moldy flowers.

Jerry OG Cannabis Strain Review
Jerry OG strain review

All in all, Jerry OG is a great choice for cannabis growers, recreational users, and medical patients alike. It offers a balanced mix of physical and mental effects, looks beautiful both in the bag and on the plant, and makes for a great addition to any medicine garden. The next time you see Jerry OG on the menu at your favorite dispensary, be sure to give it a try.

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