Now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to break out those sophisticated pieces that cool things down enough to taste refreshing on a hot summer day over warm and cloying. Whether you’re getting together with friends or enjoying an intense solo sesh, we’re excited to help you beat the heat with our June giveaway for a Full Gold 2-Kink Zong.

If you’re not familiar with , allow us to paint you a picture. Zong has been hanging around Phoenix since 1992 making premium glass smoke products. They’re OGs in the space who have perfected their craft and boast their style and quality American-made functional art in everything they make. But if that doesn’t do it for you, one thing you should know is that these things punch like Mike Tyson.

Zongs allow for bigger hits because they flex an extra long neck with plenty of space to travel to cool down your hits. You get more smoke, but since it takes such a long time to travel from point A to point B, you get the added benefit of an excellent water and air-cooled smoke. Most Zongs are also custom made to order and take 2-3 weeks to ship from the manufacturer, but you can get yours fast when you enter to win our June giveaway.

Zong Waterpipe
Zong 2 Kink Waterpipe

Up for grabs this month is a . The bubble base is rounded for that throwback vintage “bong”  look with the added benefit of a larger water chamber and room for ice. The piece checks in at a massive 7mm thickness which is even sturdier than your average bong (or Zong, for that matter). But more importantly, they’re fumed with both 24k gold and silver to satisfy the aesthetics and tastes of the most sophisticated cannasseurs.

The Zong will come with a beautiful glass bowl and downstem in addition to the piece itself. It checks in at 15-17” tall and 7mm thick, so there’s a good chance that this will be the last bong you ever need. It’s aesthetic design looks great with any setup, and makes for a great party favor or solo sesh when you’re trying to blast off. Best of all, you can save $200 when you enter to win one for free!

We can’t wait to give one away. Check out everything you need to know to enter and win in the section below. In the meantime, start practicing those lung capacity exercises in the event you win. The bong-olympics aren’t complete without you, after all.

How to enter and win

There are so many different ways to toss your name into the ring for this month’s giveaway. Just head to the giveaway page and check out the options, or look at the overview below. Remember, you’ve gotta be 21 to play and win, and you’ve gotta be a US resident with a valid email and mailing address. We’ll be announcing the winners at the start of next month, so keep an eye on your inbox. Good luck out there!

Zong Giveaway!

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