Dabbing is undoubtedly one of the most popular “new” methods for consuming cannabis products. Purer, more powerful, and more flavorful, dabs are fast taking hold over the recreational and medical marijuana markets.

Of course, the increasing popularity of dabbing means that there is a need to revise and update the social conventions. Dabbing etiquette comes with its own new set of rules, and you definitely don’t want to commit a social faux pas. Although many of the principles should be familiar to most cannabis users, they bear repeating all the same.

1. Help those with less experience than you

Not everyone will take to dabbing as easily as you did, so help others out with their first few tries. Helpful advice is always welcome, particularly when it relates to handling the equipment and avoiding hot objects.

2. Practice common courtesy

Cannabis use has always involved certain ritualistic practices and courtesy is one of them. Never grab the dabber before anyone else, and always offer someone else the first hit from your own rig.

dab etiquette

3. Keep your rig clean

Whether you use your rig solo or you share it with other people, put some effort into keeping it clean. If you are using someone else’s rig, try not to gunk it up if you can avoid it.

4. Have everything you need on hand

Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. This means making sure your butane torch is topped up and that you have enough wipes or paper towels around to clean up afterwards.

5. Don’t be wasteful

Use only as much concentrate as you can inhale comfortably. Loading up a large dab is wasteful and pointless, and it will probably result in a severe coughing fit or knocking you out cold.

6. Pay for your share

No one likes a sponger, so try to pay your way whenever possible. If you know anyone with seemingly unlimited supplies of concentrate and is willing to share, then indulge by all means. Otherwise, be prepared to chip in from time to time.

Dabbing rules

7. Dab in moderation

Don’t take too much at one time or keep dabbing beyond the point of reason. Dabbing will provide diminishing returns, and you won’t really need much more than a couple of hits. Taking too much will simply knock you out or leave you couch-locked for the next few hours, and it is simply wasteful.

8. Respect others’ property

Dabbing rigs are personal pieces of equipment, so consider yourself fortunate if someone is willing to let you use theirs. You should be as respectful as possible, and keep your hands off unless you are given permission to use the rig. This goes for most other pieces of dabbing equipment as well.

9. Watch where you place the dabber

Be careful where you place the dabber; it can cause a serious burn or mark furniture. Before you even take your hit, ask your host where you can safely place the dabber down afterwards.

10. Beware of hot nails

Keep your fingers well away from the hot nail. Always be aware that this will stay hot for several minutes, so stay clear in order to prevent burning yourself.

11. Don’t dab at too high a temperature

Dabbing at too high a temperature causes hits that are harsh, and burns away desirable terpenes from your extract. Not only that, dabbing too hot can cause chazzing: when burnt-on resin accumulates on the surface of your quartz banger.  Learn more about dabbing temps here.


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