With so many fine portable vaporizers available on the market today, does we really need another one? Arizer says “Yes!”, and with the release of the Arizer Solo vaporizer, the company appears to make a pretty strong argument.

In a market crowded – some would say ‘overcrowded’ – with a slew of decent quality vaporizers along with some truly impressive models, the Solo makes a strong showing with its combination of simplicity, features, and functionality. Even if you are already satisfied with your present vaporizer, the Solo offers enough benefits that might just convince you to add it to your arsenal.

arizer solo vaporizerHeft and weight

For a portable unit, the Arizer Solo vaporizer is quite hefty. The device is about as tall as your standard soda can, but a bit narrower. It is powered by an internal lithium battery (rechargeable), which adds a negligible amount to its already considerable weight. Nevertheless, the Arizer Solo vaporizer remains handy and light enough to carry around with you, and the heft and solidness provided by its weight gives it a reassuring feel of a high-quality, durable vaporizer.

Simplicity and ease of use

The Arizer Solo vaporizer is remarkably easy to use, with a modest feature set that provides a straightforward but rewarding vaporizing experience. Before firing it up for the first time, you will need to charge it with the included wall charger. Keep in mind that you can’t charge the vaporizer and use it simultaneously. This means that if you run out of juice in the middle of a session, you will have to charge it up for a while before resuming. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, although it is best to plan around this limitation. Thankfully, the vaporizer also comes with a battery power indicator, so you know how much time you have left before you need to plug it in.

Optimal heating

As with Arizer’s own Extreme-Q, the Solo seems to provide the best results when set between ‘4’ and ‘5’, which heats up the device to 383° F and 392° F, respectively. You can set it to whatever temperature provides the best results, but staying within this range should give you the optimal performance-to-consumption ratio. Indicator lights will let you know that the heating element is activated and what the actual temperature is.

Heating up the Arizer Solo vaporizer gives you enough time to pack one of the glass stems with the herbs of your choice. You can choose either the straight or the angled stem, with the latter featuring a separate section where the herbs are to be packed. As with most other portable vaporizers, the Solo will provide optimal results with slightly drier herbs.

Minor caveats

Depending on your preferences, you might have some issues with the way that the stems fit into the device. Inserting the stem will require a bit of jostling around, and it doesn’t exactly provide a totally snug fit despite of that. It also takes a bit more effort to inhale through the device as compared to other vaporizers, but you will be rewarded with some of the most flavorful vapor possible from a portable vaporizer. Despite these minor issues, the Arizer Solo vaporizer is well worth considering as a low-cost portable vaporizer.

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