Ask any five connoisseurs what the most desirable qualities are for a particular strain, and you will likely get five different answers. Potency, huge yields, fragrance, smoothness, and aroma…all these are important qualities for marijuana strains. But if there was any one thing that most marijuana experts would agree on, the one quality that consistently impresses, it is the flavor. There are few things more pleasant and satisfying than a flavorful bud, and the more of it, the better! If your current batch of weed leaves you a bad taste in the mouth, and you are looking for a more flavorful experience, these marijuana strains are definitely worth checking out.

1.  Platinum NorCal

tastiest marijuana strainsOne of the most powerful and most potent indicas in existence, Platinum NorCal was seemingly bred to impress. With a unique earthy flavor and a scrumptious bouquet tinged with a hint of mint, Platinum NorCal is one of those marijuana strains that goes the distance as far as flavor and potency are concerned. Even the looks suggest a unique flavor and head/body experience, with its rich coating of white trichromes giving it the platinum-encrusted appearance from which the strain gets its name.


2.  Barry White x Girl Scout Cookies

tastiest marijuana strainsThe strain named Barry White x Girl Scout Cookies is everything that its name would suggest. A Sativa-dominant hybrid that is the product of the coming together of two of the most highly regarded marijuana strains in existence, Barry White x Girl Scout Cookies makes a striking first impression with its heavy trichrome coating, stunningly bright green buds, and abundant orange hairs. But it is when you light it up that this spectacular strain truly comes into its own, with a fruity and slightly minty flavor that is simply out of this world.


3.  God’s Gift

tastiest marijuana strainsWith a name such as this, God’s Gift definitely has a lot to live up to. The good news is that its measures up in a most glorious fashion, with a heavenly flavor and aroma that is decidedly floral and pleasant to the palate. An Indica-dominant strain, God’s Gift is one of the most popular marijuana strains in medical circles.


4.  Diamond OG

tastiest marijuana strainsAn Indica of the highest order, Diamond OG is well and truly deserving of its most generously endowed accolades. Descended from the legendary OG Kush, Diamond OG is characterized by light green buds abundantly sprinkled with rich, crystalline trichomes. If the flavor of this magnificent strain had to be described in a single word, it would have to be: ‘pine-y’. With a rich pine flavor and aroma, Diamond OG is the OG in more ways than one.


5.  Sunset Sherbet

tastiest marijuana strainsThere is no way you could name a strain ‘Sunset Sherbet” and not have it capable of delivering the finest and most intensely flavorful experiences possible. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Sunset Sherbet can lay claim to a Girl Scout Cookie lineage, but little else is known about its genetic makeup, only that it is responsible for producing a bud with a distinctly mellow and sweet flavor that invites the evitable comparison to sherbet.


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