Getting ripped and then doing something cool is a time-honored tradition that has probably been around ever since humans first lit up. Every stoner has his or her favorite activities to do while high, but if you ever find yourself at a loss for something interesting to do the next time you fire up (as if that could ever happen!), here are a few ideas worth considering!

Dark_Side_of_the_MoonListen to Music

This one is so ubiquitous that it is almost clichéd, but you can’t deny that there is somehow a magical connection between marijuana and music. The good news is that there is way, way more music available today than there has ever been at any other point in history. This means that you don’t have to get stuck with the hoary, old stoner classics that baby boomer stoners have been listening to for ages–unless you want to, that is. There is a wealth of great music out there to get ripped to, so go get started!

Watch a Movie

Watching a cool flick is an equally hallowed stoner tradition. Nowadays, most people would probably just pop a DVD in the player or stream a film from the Internet to get their stoner movie fix. But don’t neglect the time-honored tradition of getting stoned and then hitting up the local theaters as well. Going with a group is always fun, and the huge screen and massive state-of-the-art sound system will definitely make for a memorable experience.

Get Creative

Just because you’re stoned doesn’t mean you can’t be productive! Some of the world’s greatest and most influential artists and writers have experimented with mood-altering substances, marijuana included. Try playing an instrument, painting a watercolor, or even just writing your thoughts down on paper. You might just be surprised at what your unguarded mind will come up with, and you can always refine your work later on when you are thinking more clearly.

Enjoy The Outdoors

There’s no law that says you have to stay inside either! Enjoying the outdoors is even more fun with weed, and there is something about being stoned that makes everything seem better. Colors are more vivid, fragrances are more lingering, and the air itself seems vibrant and alive. Don’t waste your buzz by sitting in a dark, living room all by yourself! Get your buzz on and get out there, or go somewhere and get high from a portable vaporizer. You will definitely have a much more enjoyable time for it.

Veg Out

So you’ve fired up a massive blunt or ripped a few bong hits, and now you’re feeling a bit rebellious and possibly a bit dopey. What do you do? Why not just lay back and chill? Sure, there is something to be said about being productive or sociable when you are stoned. But sometimes, the perfect thing to do is to not do anything at all. If you have some well-deserved downtime or a day off from work, grab the opportunity to have some alone time. You probably won’t get very many chances to do so, and you can always say that you are “planning for your future!” Play video games, make a stoner meal, do whatever you need to do to unwind!

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