Visiting those conservative in-laws and looking for a couple of discreet ways to get out and smoke some weed? Look no further. Below are the four best excuses to go smoke weed when you need a hit but you’ve gotta do it sneaky. 

1. Walk the dog

walk dog

Man’s best friend comes in clutch when you need fool-proof excuses to go outside and smoke weed. Dogs spend a lot of time outside, so you can get creative with your cover story. Maybe you have to go into the yard to clean up some poop, or maybe Fido didn’t get enough exercise today and needs to go on a walk so that he doesn’t destroy something in the house. The choice is yours, but head out with your best bud (and your dog too) and get your smoke on.

2. Go to the store 

One of the best excuses to go smoke is a helpful trip to the store. If you’re home with uncool family members who are drawing straws to figure out who to send on the diaper run, offer them your help and look at it like an opportunity to take your time, smoke some weed in the car, and find yourself a bunch of snacks when you get to the store. You can also just lie, if you want. Tell them you’ve gotta return some video tapes and drive around the block a bit. Bottom line, an errand can give you some privacy and space to discreetly smoke weed

3. Be neighborly 

Neighbors are excellent cop-outs, especially if they’re needy. Even if they’re not, you can always slip away for a quick walk down the street and tell people you had to bring your neighbor a screwdriver or a cup of sugar. You can also count on your 420-friendly neighbors to back you up on your story, and they may even give you a place to smoke while you’re being polite at home. You can also head around to visit friends or other cooler family members if they live nearby. 

4. Go for a bike ride 

bike ride

Exercise is one of the best excuses for smoking weed since there’s only a slim chance that someone will offer to join you. A bike ride, a jog, or a walk are all good ways to sneak away for a few minutes and enjoy your herb in peace. Best of all, you get to enjoy some pretty scenery and clear your head.

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