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Find out which candidates back legalization, who to vote for if you’re rooting for rec, and the government’s latest moves in the cannabis marketplace with our articles focused on politics.

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capitol rioter doobie smoker arrested by fbi

Rioter Who Smoked Joint in Capitol Arrested by FBI

During the riot in Washington D.C. on January 6, a huge number of participants took selfies and posted them on social media. This has...
Rick Steves Norml Board of Directors

Rick Steves, Longtime Cannabis Advocate, to Become Chairman of NORML Board of Directors

Not everyone is aware of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, or NORML. Even so, NORML has been fighting for legalization...
U.S. Senate Leadership Unveils Plan to Federally Legalize Weed

U.S. Senate Leadership Unveils Plan to Federally Legalize Weed

Filed under, “a long time coming,” the leadership in the U.S. Senate has signaled its intent to push marijuana legalization forward in a real...
federal marijuana law

Federal Marijuana Law: We’re Closer Than Ever to Nationwide Cannabis Reform

We are closer than ever to cannabis reform on a federal level. But the evolution of federal marijuana law has been a long and...
poll legal marijuana popularity

Legalizing Marijuana Is More Popular than Joe BIden or $15 Minimum Wage, Poll Finds

With social media creating “reality bubbles” it can be difficult to judge public sentiment unless you’re tuned into surveys, polls, studies and analysis. Is...
jay z cannabis investment fund

Jay-Z Launches Investment Fund Helping Minority Entrepreneurs Enter Burgeoning Cannabis Industry

The U.S. War on Drugs had a profound effect on American society, but it disproportionately impacted communities of color. Many of the most recent...
cannabis grow operation discovered london city

London Police Discover Massive Cannabis Grow Operation in City’s Financial District

There’s a notion that if you want to be discrete, just don’t draw attention to yourself. We see this in movies when the hero...
Cannabis Tourism Amsterdam Coming to End

Cannabis Tourism May Be Coming to an End in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s mayor, Femke Halsema, wants to push ahead with plans to bar foreign visitors from frequenting the city’s infamous and euphemistically named ‘coffeeshops’ as...

It’s no secret marijuana reform on a federal level will change the game, and it’s a hot topic of debate in congressional hearings for good reason. State laws are all over the place, with some states honoring rec and medical marijuana while others have yet to embrace either.

Candidates’ stance on marijuana legalization and decriminalization is a huge factor in today’s elections. Flip-flopping is a serious let down for voters and advocates who believe they have support, and it seems to happen frequently, so it’s important to follow the news before casting your vote.

Criminal justice reform is another hot topic when it comes to cannabis and politics. Thousands are incarcerated or carrying records that get in the way of progressing in life for crimes that, in some states, are no longer illegal. Some leaders make advocating for these people a priority and are working to put plans in action that will relinquish past crimes and release those incarcerated for non-violent possession charges.

Here, you can stay educated before casting your vote, follow states like New York and California as their leaders pave the way to marijuana possession reform, and keep up to date on the latest bills that influence the stoner lifestyle.

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