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Are you a cannabis entrepreneur? Stoner Things is here to keep you relevant in the fasting moving industry of the 21st century. With so much growth and change, it can be hard to keep up on the latest news influencing the industry, but we make it easy.

Our business news covers everything. Interested in the latest business ventures and who’s heading them? US patents and new industry procedures? What about weed sales throughout the country or cryptocurrency banks for cannabis businesses?

CannaBusiness Articles

whoopi maya

Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Has Shut Down

One of the biggest flops of the dotcom era was Flooz, an “e-currency” that predated Bitcoin. Do you remember when anything dealing...
illinois dispensaries running out of weed

Illinois Marijuana Dispensaries Are Already Running Out Of Weed

Illinois expected this problem, and now it’s here. Despite the state’s legalization of recreational weed, dispensaries are running out -- repeatedly. That’s due to...

Study Finds Marijuana Dispensaries Are Not Selling To Minors

A major concern that surrounded the effort to legalize was the notion that kids would get their hands on more pot if it were...
la illegal dispensary raid

Dozens Of Illegal Dispensaries Shut Down In LA’s Largest Raid

Although legal cannabis in California has largely been a success, there has been a downside with black market shops and products. The state has...
canada provinces cheapest weed

Which Canadian Province Has The Cheapest Weed?

While we don’t always shop for the “cheapest” of something, there are times when the budget will only allow low-priced options. One of the...
california hotel partners eaze marijuana delivery

Room Service Weed: California Hotel Partners With Eaze For Guest Cannabis Deliveries

California has long been on the forefront of cannabis culture, but there’s still a bit of a disconnect. Like almost everywhere else in the...
jay z caliva chief brand strategist

Jay Z Joins Weed Company Caliva As Chief Brand Strategist

Each week it seems another celebrity throws their hat into the cannabis company ring. Some have been passionate advocates for years, like Seth Rogen...
first us patent hemp strain charlottes web cb2

Charlotte’s Web Holdings Awarded First US Patent For Hemp Strain

Patents in the U.S. are intended to provide the inventor with an incentive for creating and sharing their inventions. The patent-holder gets protection for...

It’s no secret that professionals in the cannabis space jump through more hoops than the average business owner. It can be difficult to lease business property and nearly impossible to find merchant options. With so many hurdles, staying informed on business matters can definitely work in your favor. And we’ve got the inside scoop on the next big cannabusiness you should keep an eye on, the latest results from studies that focus on your niche, and the heads up on various resources that can make life as a canna-company easier.

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