Friday, June 21, 2024

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Are you a cannabis entrepreneur? Stoner Things is here to keep you relevant in the fasting moving industry of the 21st century. With so much growth and change, it can be hard to keep up on the latest news influencing the industry, but we make it easy.

Our business news covers everything. Interested in the latest business ventures and who’s heading them? US patents and new industry procedures? What about weed sales throughout the country or cryptocurrency banks for cannabis businesses?

CannaBusiness Articles

Court Finds RAW Rolling Papers’ Charitable Foundation Does Not Actually Exist

For years, we’ve all been accustomed to RAW’s rustic aesthetic underpinned by a stamped claim on every product that each has been made by...
weed mix packs

Coloradans Can Now Create Their Own Weed Mix Packs

If you’ve been down the craft beer aisle in Colorado lately, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the mix-6. You walk up to...
best celebrity cannabis brands

Top Celebrity-Owned Cannabis Brands You Should Know About

While a lot of celebrity brands seem to put out mids in fancy packages, these brands are the real deal. Read on to learn...
kalvara cannabis drinks

Grammy Award Nominated Artist Miguel Launches Cannabis Drink Brand With Innovative Technology

Earlier this year, Kalvara made their public debut. The company is founded entirely on innovating the cannabis industry, and they’ve made a huge splash...
mxxn cannabis infused spirits

MXXN Launches Industry’s First Cannabis-Infused, Non-Alcoholic Spirits

The latest news involving the innovative cannabis industry involves the introduction of cannabis-infused spirits, barring the alcohol. Introducing MXXN, pronounced like “moon”. MXXN is...
price collapsose california wholesale cannabis

Price Collapse for California’s Wholesale Cannabis Is Causing Black Market to Thrive

If you've used cannabis since the dawn of the recreational era, you’ve probably noticed that cannabis prices have been on the decline for the...
alaska doubles edibles thc limit

Alaska Just Doubled the THC Limit for Cannabis Edibles

Good news for residents of Alaska — you can now buy more potent edibles. In most states with recreational cannabis, you can typically purchase...
barcelona cannabis social clubs

Could Days Be Numbered for Barcelona’s Cannabis Social Clubs?

Even though cannabis is enjoying a moment around the world as more countries loosen up prohibition, there’s a bit of the opposite happening in...

It’s no secret that professionals in the cannabis space jump through more hoops than the average business owner. It can be difficult to lease business property and nearly impossible to find merchant options. With so many hurdles, staying informed on business matters can definitely work in your favor. And we’ve got the inside scoop on the next big cannabusiness you should keep an eye on, the latest results from studies that focus on your niche, and the heads up on various resources that can make life as a canna-company easier.

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