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Are you a cannabis entrepreneur? Stoner Things is here to keep you relevant in the fasting moving industry of the 21st century. With so much growth and change, it can be hard to keep up on the latest news influencing the industry, but we make it easy.

Our business news covers everything. Interested in the latest business ventures and who’s heading them? US patents and new industry procedures? What about weed sales throughout the country or cryptocurrency banks for cannabis businesses?

CannaBusiness Articles

cannabis delivery massachusetts

Cannabis Delivery Given the Go-Ahead in Massachusetts

Weed smokers in Massachusetts will soon be able to place a pot order from the comfort of their own home after state regulators moved...
candy companies suing cannabis companies

Candy Companies Have Had Enough Of Cannabis Copycats

Since there are no Federal regulations on cannabis -- outside of the parameters set in the 2018 Farm Bill that fully legalized hemp --...
clown cannabis brand hashbone pre rolls slipknot founder

Slipknot Co-Founder Launches HashBone Pre-Rolled Cannabis Line

Pre-roll cannabis products are making waves these days, possibly because of the pandemic -- people may bring their own rolls to a sesh and...
Planet 13 California

Planet 13’s New ‘Cannabis SuperStore Entertainment Complex’ Will Soon Launch in California

If you were to fuse Steve Jobs and Willy Wonka, they might come up with a cannabis retail concept like the Planet13 “SuperStore” set...
cannabis deliveries surged during pandemic

Cannabis Deliveries Surged 70 Percent During Pandemic, Poll Shows

Advocates of home delivery for cannabis have welcome news, in a way. While the pandemic was not “good” for millions, causing businesses to fail...
Legalization in Canada Is Successfully Eating Away at the Black Market

Study Shows Legalization in Canada Is Successfully Eating Away at the Black Market

One of the biggest arguments for legalizing cannabis in various states has always been to reduce the size of the illicit black market drug...
denver approves cannabis consumption lounges and delivery

Denver Approves Cannabis Consumption Lounges and Delivery

Often for pot smokers, legalizing weed sales is only half the battle, especially if you’re a tourist making use of another jurisdiction’s more relaxed...
monogram ad campaign

Jay-Z’s Weed Brand Monogram References Bestiality and Cannabalism to Highlight Hypocrisy of Cannabis Laws

Cannabis is a world rife with provocative images. Shawn Carter, aka Jay-Z, is going all-in on pointing out the hypocrisy of weed in a...

It’s no secret that professionals in the cannabis space jump through more hoops than the average business owner. It can be difficult to lease business property and nearly impossible to find merchant options. With so many hurdles, staying informed on business matters can definitely work in your favor. And we’ve got the inside scoop on the next big cannabusiness you should keep an eye on, the latest results from studies that focus on your niche, and the heads up on various resources that can make life as a canna-company easier.

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