Earlier this year, Kalvara made their public debut. The company is founded entirely on innovating the cannabis industry, and they’ve made a huge splash with their patented beverage technology. While many beverages out there are pre-infused, Kalvara’s beverages are formulated for higher bioavailability, meaning they kick in faster and taste fresher thanks to their patented design.

But Kalvara isn’t just a faceless company. In fact, it was co-founded by grammy-award winning artist Miguel, who has worked with artists like Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Usher, J. Cole, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky, among others. Miguel is the co-founder, owner and Chief Creative Director of Kalvara, and is excited to have his patented system in place in California and other states.

“Kalvara is a game changer,” said Miguel. “I can enjoy a fast and consistent lift wherever I am.”

Kalvara beverages feature a patented cap design using the Vessl closure and delivery system. The cap utilizes pressurized nitrogen to infuse cannabinoids into their line of drinks with a simple twist of the cap. The reusable design helps eliminate single use plastic waste but also keeps all of the ingredients fresh.

kalvara infused cannabis drink

The nanotechnology in the cap keeps cannabis oils fresh at room temperature, so they last on the shelf a long time and offer better flavors, colors, and aromas without losing the potency to oxidation. Twisting releases the ingredients and cannabinoids, effectively infusing your beverage instantly. Best of all they come in three different flavors to suit whatever mood you’re into.

Citrus Twist is a crisp, refreshing beverage similar to lemonade. It’s rich in cannabinoids and terpenes from monk fruit that can help you feel more upbeat and positive. Tropical Inspire is energizing with hints of blood orange and fruity, tropical terpenes. But Berry Chill is by far a fan favorite. It offers a fruity, berry flavor with refreshing hints of basil and mellow terpenes perfect for kicking back and relaxing. It also contains 10mg of CBD for an extra relaxing boost. All of the Kalvara flavors contain 0 calories and are preservative and sugar-free.

Each Kalvara beverage comes in a reusable 3oz bottle featuring the rapid-infuse Vessl cap. Every flavor is delicious on its own, served over ice, or infused into your favorite mocktails and cocktails. While other beverages are clunky, Kalvara offers a multisensory experience that makes for an all around more enjoyable experience without the need to measure, mix, or shake. You can find them at dispensaries all over California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Ontario.

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