Are you looking for a gift to make your favorite stoner smile? There are countless options, from the cheap to the costly, and it can be hard to choose. So here are a few ideas for some great gifts you may want to get for someone special in your life.


Marijuana ApparelThere’s a wide range of marijuana-themed apparel across the country. With everything from hats to leggings, cannabis clothing allows your gift’s recipient to proudly display her or his membership in the stoner community.

T-shirts are always popular, as are socks, belts, and other items. Whether it’s a shirt featuring Bob Marley or a pair of pants with a marijuana-leaf pattern, whatever you’re looking for should be affordable and easy to find.

A Tattoo

Do stoners have more tats than other people? Who knows? But prepaid ink could be the perfect idea. Even the simplest of tattoos can run more than $200, so this is a great way to help the recipient do something they’ve always wanted to do.


Cannabis supplies make a stellar gift for the stoner you care about. Grinders, vapes, bongs and pipes – they all work. What about a nice scale? Or incense to clear the smell out of a room? Give something your favorite toker can use every day.


There is no easier way to a stoner’s heart than to supply him or her with raw, dried, smokable pot. Any adult in Washington State and Colorado can legally give up to an ounce to another person. If you live somewhere else, you may have to cozy up to the medical or black markets. But let’s not kid ourselves: If you’re planning to give stoner gifts, you’re probably a stoner yourself, and you also probably know how to get weed without hassle.


Marijuana edibles are another gift any toker would love – especially if they’ve never tried it. With everything from chocolate bars and brownies to tea and soda, it should be easy to find something that goes over well.


Marijuana AshtrayWhether it’s a locally blown glass ornament or a beautiful carved ashtray, stoner memorabilia and knick-knacks will make your recipient feel more comfortable at home. And isn’t comfort what weed is all about?


Almost any book about cannabis makes a good gift. A grow guide, a history of the plant, weed fiction – anything that mixes narrative and pot. Reading while high isn’t always an easy task, but a good book on marijuana will get your friend or loved one plenty to think about.


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