Need a way to smoke some bud quickly but don’t have a pipe or rolling papers handy? An apple makes a handy smoking device in a pinch and it might just provide you with some fruity flavors that you wouldn’t normally experience otherwise. If you are looking for a smoking method that is off the beaten path, or if you simply don’t have any other alternatives nearby, an apple pipe is definitely something you should be able to whip up. Read on to learn the tools you’ll need to make an apple pipe, and how you can create one yourself.


  • 1 medium to large apple
  • Apple corer or sharp knife
  • Downstem (optional)
  • Mouthpiece (optional)

How to Make an Apple Pipe: Tutorial

In principle, an apple pipe is pretty much just like any other pipe. In form, it is somewhat similar to a bong or water pipe, although it doesn’t hold any water or any other liquid.

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Before you get started with making an apple pipe, make sure you have all the required supplies at hand. You will need an apple, some ground up weed, a poking tool and a lighter. For the poking device, you can use something like a chopstick or a pen with the ink taken out of it.

Step 2: Create the mouth hole and carb.

Take your poking device, and poke a whole directly horizontally through the center of the apple, perpendicular to the apple’s core.  The hole should go directly through the very center of the apple, and come cleanly out the other side. One of the holes will be a mouth piece, and the other will be a carb.

Step 3: Create the bowl.

Firstly, pull the stem to remove it. Take your poking device, and make a hole through from the top of the core towards the center of the apple. You should only go about half way down, until your new hole meets with the first hole you made horizontally.

Step 4: Load the bowl with weed, and light it up

To use your apple pipe, all you have to do is to fill the ‘bowl’ with weed, hold the carb on one side of the apple, light up your weed, and inhale from the mouth hole.

One of the benefits to using an apple pipe is the sheer novelty factor. These types of pipes are great for gatherings or even just for chilling out alone with some dank bud. It is definitely entertaining to see someone exhaling massive puffs of smoke out of an apple, and it might just become a mainstay of your gatherings!

Another benefit to using an apple pipe is the unique flavor produced by the weed as it burns. Pro tip: Make sure to get an especially sweet and tasty apple variety, that it is firm enough to handle repeated use. The first puff alone should be a novel experience, and you will definitely appreciate the tangy flavor the longer you use your pipe.

Even if you have a number of pipes that you like to use, the apple pipe is worth trying at least once. Its definitely not going to win any awards for design, but you can’t argue with the results!


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