For people who smoke marijuana out of a pipe, it often comes down to one choice: glass or metal. There are pipes made out of wood, ceramic, and even bone, but glass and metal are the most popular choices when it comes to picking your smoking apparatus.

If you have been wondering which material is best for smoking your weed, this rundown of both materials might help you make an informed decision.

Availability and CostGlass vs Metal Pipe

Marijuana pipes are commonly available in both glass and metal, so the availability shouldn’t significantly affect your decision to go with one or the other. However, metal pipes are almost always cheaper than glass pipes, which might be an issue if you don’t want to spend too much on your smoking device.


With regard to durability, metal pipes definitely have an edge over glass pipes. Unless you drop your pipe – and possibly not even then – there is virtually no chance that you can damage it. There are glass pipes that are more durable than others of course, but you definitely don’t want to risk dropping them. When you consider that glass pipes are considerably more expensive than metal pipes as well, then you definitely want to take good care of them.


Keeping your pipes clean is an important part of being a marijuana user. In order to get the best possible flavor and aroma out of your weed – and you definitely want to get that if you are the type of smoker who isn’t averse to spending money on the good stuff – you should subject your pipes to a regular cleaning regimen. Glass is definitely a lot easier to clean than metal, and a good scrubbing should be enough to get it back to its original condition.

With metal on the other hand, you will have to resign yourself to dealing with the inevitable corrosion, which can be nearly impossible to clean. In its favor, however, most types of metal pipes are made of separate components that can be disassembled for easier cleaning.


In terms of performance, a good metal pipe and a good glass piece should perform equally well… if they are brand new. Over time, however, glass pipes begin to edge away from metal designs. When corrosion begins to set in, the performance of a metal pipe can be affected adversely. In some cases, the corrosion may become so bad that you may just end up inhaling metal fumes along with your weed.

Health Concerns

Glass is generally a much healthier option than metal, with no substances to make its way into the smoke. Corroded metal can entail a number of significant health risks, although you can avoid these by going for stainless steel pipes. Glass also tends to stay cooler and provide a less harsh smoke. This can help you avoid burning your lips and the scorched feeling in your lungs that may result when you take a huge hit with a metal pipe.


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