We’re hitting the dog days of summer now that we’ve made it to August, and man is it hot out there. If you’re like us, you’re definitely on the hunt for something to help you stay cool— which is where our giveaway this month comes into play. This month we’re excited to offer a Terp Tube Tower, which is an enormous water pipe full of percs for keeping your smoke cool. More importantly, the massive structure is capable of holding ice to help you beat the heat during the hottest point of the summer, even when you’re seshing with friends.

Terp Tube is well-known at this point for their sturdy, versatile water pipes. All of their pieces are made carefully with durable borosillicate glass, so you can count on them to work with whatever quartz banger or flower bowl you have on hand. Their simple but powerful designs are great for superior suction and smooth, tasty hits time and time again. But the Tower is on a different level.

Standing at a staggering 17.5 inches tall with a sturdy 4” base, the Tower packs a punch like Mike Tyson. But don’t let its massive stature fool you, it’s still insanely easy to hit and you still get all of the flavors you’d taste from your favorite concentrates or herbs— you just get more smoke at once.

But let’s get back to beating that heat. The Terp Tube tower comes equipped with two percolators to filter and cool your smoke with ease before it hits your lungs. Under the hood is a tree perc, which diffuses your hit through several branches leaving you with a cool and refined smoke. You’ll also find a 12-slotted inline perc that helps bubble your smoke for further diffusion and better, smoother hits. If you’d like to cool your hits down even further, chuck a few ice cubes in through the mouthpiece and enjoy.

But the best part is that the Terp Tube Tower can accommodate both nails and bowl heads, making it easy for you to switch from flower to dabs and back again. Even though it features an angled downstem, it works with most angled male slides, accessories, and dab nails that match the 14mm female joint.

The Terp Tube Tower retails at $119.99, but you can get yours at the low price of free by entering to win it in this month’s giveaway. This amazing piece comes in two great colors, and you won’t be disappointed with the flavors, quality of hits, or cooling capabilities this piece will bring to your collection.

How to enter and win 

If you’re ready to try your luck to win the free Terp Tube Tower, there are tons of different ways to get involved. If you want more information about our monthly giveaway, head to our giveaway page. You can also enter directly in several ways below. Just remember, you have to be 21 or older to participate and you’ve gotta have a valid email and mailing address to win. We’ll be announcing the winner next month, so keep your eyes peeled in your inbox for our winner notification. Even if you don’t win, check back here for information on our next giveaway. Good luck and have a great August!

August Terp Tube Tower Giveaway!



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