The biggest hurdle involved with dabbing boils down to getting the perfect temperature for your concentrates. Hot dabs are insanely unpleasant, while cold dabs won’t even get you high. But even when you have the perfect technique down, it’s still hard to hit the same temperatures consistently. Your room being a few degrees warmer or cooler can throw off your whole dabbing experience and leave you with wasted or unpleasant dabs even if your formula is perfected. Luckily, the latest innovation in dab tech has thought of everything. If you struggle to dab because of the heating and cooling process with a standard torch, it’s time to try an e-nail. Here’s everything you need to know about e-nails, including what they are, why they help, and how you can use them to achieve perfect dabs every single time.

What is an e-nail? 

E-nail is short for “electronic nail”. They are attachments that hook up to the banger on your standard dab rig and can be set to specific temperatures on a degree-by-degree basis, depending on your personal preferences. They make dabbing a whole lot easier since they provide consistent, precise heat to the entirety of your banger.

what is an enail
An eNail is a dabbing accessory used to provide consistent temperatures to your nail or banger.

Traditional dabbing involves heating the banger or nail on your dab rig with a butane torch until its red hot and then allowed to cool down to the ideal temperature before dabs are applied to the banger and inhaled. As mentioned, there’s a lot of variables and a lot of guesswork involved in dabbing like this. It’s easy to overheat or underheat your banger leaving you with inconsistent results throughout your dabbing experience. It’s also easy to heat the banger unevenly, only applying heat to one part of the banger and leaving the rest of it too cool to properly vaporize a dab as it swirls around in the banger.

However, e-nails take away all of the guesswork. Since they can attach easily to any dab setup and can be set to specific dabbing temperatures, you can enjoy more consistent, better-tasting dabs as well as a greater sense of control over your whole experience.

How to use an e-nail to achieve perfect dabs 

Using an e-nail is a very straightforward process, it just involves finding the right e-nail. Some e-nails only work with titanium nails, and some only fit certain sized bangers. You should take care to measure your banger or nail and make sure the e-nail coil will fit around it. These are listed in item descriptions. However, many e-nails come with a nail or a banger specifically designed for use with the e-nail.

how to use an enail
Yo Dabba Dabba e-Nail. Dabbing with an e-nail takes some getting used to, but once you’re familiar it’s much easier than dabbing with a torch.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your e-nail will contract after heating and fit snugly on your banger. A lot of the time, removing the e-nail can be tricky without breaking the banger, so make sure to only add an e-nail to a banger that can be removed from your dab rig. If your e-nail becomes stuck, replacement coils are super cheap and easy to swap out.

Lastly, it really helps to use a digital temperature reader before you take your first dab with an e-nail. Dabbing too hot will cause chazzing, leaving carbon deposits on your banger that are extremely difficult to remove. While the temperatures are usually accurate on e-nails, they sometimes run a little hot. Calibrate your e-nail by comparing the temperature it reads to the temperature your thermometer reads and adjust accordingly. You shouldn’t have a ton of burnt on crud at the end of your dab. You should be able to clean it like you’d clean an ordinary banger after a dab. This is why low-temp dabs are so important with an e-nail.

How to use an eNail

Watch this video from Yo Dabba Dabba demonstrating how to dab with an e-nail.

With that out of the way, here’s how to use an e-nail:

1. Attach the e-nail around your banger and place on the dab rig

attach enail to quattz banger
Securely attach the enail coil to your quartz banger.

To attach the e-nail to the banger, slide the coil around the banger bucket and fit it towards the bottom. Once it’s attached, you can place the banger on your dab rig. If the coil doesn’t fit around your banger while it’s cold, you can attach the banger to the rig first and then hold the coil in place. Heat the e-nail until it expands and contracts against the banger. It should fit snugly.

2. Plug in the e-nail and cord

enail control box
Power up the enail control box.

Make sure the power cable is fully unraveled and tucked somewhere where it’s safe from people or pets. It helps to put it behind a desk or a table where it won’t be tripped over, knocking the e-nail and rig over while you’re using it. The cord that runs from the e-nail to the coil should also have some slack, but it’s best to keep it on a table where it’s out of the way. Make sure your dabbing set up is in a safe place to prevent burns or other accidents.

3. Set your ideal temperature

Best dab temp
Set the enail control box to your desired dabbing temperature.

With e-nails, you should never go higher than 550°F. As we mentioned, it’s difficult to remove the coil and clean the banger if you end up taking a dab too hot and leaving carbon deposits on the inside of the banger. The best dabs are low temp dabs between 350-450°F. Low temp dabs offer the best flavors and effects. However, medium temperature dabs up to 550°F still offer a great experience. The only real difference is that the higher you go, the more terpenes you lose. Terpenes affect the flavor of your dabs, but they also affect the experience. The more terps are present, the higher you will feel thanks to the entourage effect.

4. Allow the e-nail to heat up to the target temperature

Once you set your temperature, allow the e-nail to heat up. When it reaches the temperature you set it to, give it a few extra seconds to make sure the rest of the banger reaches the same temperature.

5. Turn off the e-nail

It helps to turn your e-nail off right before you apply your dab. As you inhale, you’ll cool the nail and if you leave the e-nail running, it will continue working to keep that nail hot. This can burn your dabs and leave you with carbon deposits. You’ll still get a perfect hit, but switching the e-nail off right before you apply your concentrate can make cleanup much easier and ensure you get better results.

6. Apply your concentrate to your banger and enjoy your dab

hit dab
Cap the banger and hit your dab.

Within 2 seconds of turning your e-nail off, apply your concentrate to the banger and dab as normal. Use a carb cap to prevent vapor from escaping and to get better, more flavorful hits as you draw from the rig.

7. Allow the nail to cool and clean it with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol

clean quartz banger after use
Clean your quartz banger after use.

Allow the banger to cool down a bit and then clean it as usual. Use isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs to remove any leftover oils from the bottom of the banger and take care to wipe down the sides. If you have hard-to-remove black carbon deposits, you probably hit your dab too hot. Next time, lower the temperature and see how it goes. Again, a digital thermometer will help you better determine how hot the e-nail actually gets at first. To clean those black deposits off, you can heat the e-nail to a lower temperature and add a bit of water to the banger. This will boil some of this residue away, though it can be hard on your nail.

how to dab with e-nail

All in all, dabbing with e-nails is much easier and more consistent than dabbing with an ordinary torch set up. While it takes a little getting used to to get the e-nail to work properly and to find the ideal temperature for your setup, it’s definitely worth the time when it comes to better tasting and feeling dabs and a much easier dabbing process.


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