Looking for a portable vaporizer that works with dry herbs as well as concentrates and essential oils? The DaVinci vaporizer is well worth checking out, and its combination of features and functionality in a handy form factor may be just what you need to ensure reliable vaporizing on the go.

The DaVinci Vaporizer at first glance

davinci vaporizerThe packaging of the DaVinci vaporizer alone makes for a great first impression. Slickly packaged with stunning artwork all over the box, the DaVinci gives off the feel of a luxury piece. Unboxing the unit gives even more reasons to be impressed. The DaVinci is fairly compact, measuring about 4 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. It looks a bit like a walkie-talkie with the mouthpiece looking sort of like an antenna, but make no mistake: this is a serious vaporizer through-and-through.

With a nice matte-black finish and a solid feel, the DaVinci inspires confidence from the moment you pick it up. Compact and lightweight, the unit nevertheless has a nice heft to it that suggests a high-quality piece. Although dropping the unit is not recommended, it certainly seems as if it will hold up to the most rigorous use. The rubberized exterior also makes it amazingly resilient to scratching.

Total temperature control

davinci vaporizerOne of the features that sets the DaVinci vaporizer apart from most other vaporizers in its price range is the temperature control. With the precision by which the unit allows you to heat up your herbal material, the DaVinci is an excellent choice for dry herbs. Accurate and remarkably simple to set to the ideal temperature, the DaVinci is easy to use even for novices.

Using the vaporizer is as simple as setting it to the temperature you want with the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, and then sliding the switch to the ‘on’ position. This lights up the blue screen which helpfully displays the temperature. With a full charge, the DaVinci will take about a minute for the heating element to get to the desired temperature. The blue light will turn to red as the device is heating up, and turn green once the optimal temperature has been reached.

The DaVinci displays temperatures in Fahrenheit, with the optimum temperature range falling somewhere between 355°F and 375°F. This is well below the 392°F limit, at which point vaporizers will begin to produce carcinogenic vapor. You may have to heat the unit up slightly higher or slightly lower than the recommended range depending on your preferences, but within this range is a good place to start. Some uses also report better results by first heating up their herbs to 320°F in order to release the essential oils, and then taking the temperature higher for the actual vaporization.

Dry herbs versus concentrates

Although the DaVinci is meant to be used for waxes and concentrates as well, we found it much less effective with this type of material. The heating element tends to heat concentrates way too quickly, resulting in quicker consumption and wastage. For dry herbs however, the DaVinci vaporizer performs admirably, definitely providing a satisfying vaporizing experience.

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Check out this awesome video of the DaVinci Vaporizer’s features being demonstrated.

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