The stoners of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia have it good. Weed is legal in these places, as well as cheap and plentiful. But not everyone is so lucky.

Marijuana DealerThe rest of us have only one choice when it comes to scoring marijuana: the black market dealer. This means higher prices, fewer choices, and more legal risk. Not to mention the hassle of actually finding one of these people.

But how to go about it? And what, exactly, should you look for in a new dealer?

Let’s note here that pot dealers come in almost every imaginable stripe. Many are working-class folks supplementing their income. Others are college students dealing out of their dorm rooms. And some, doubtless, are just dirtbags.

Cost and convenience

It doesn’t really matter who sells you your cannabis, as long as it’s good, fairly priced, and easy to get. Figuring these things out may take some time – prices, for example, vary widely across the country, so you have to be familiar with the going rate in your area if you want a deal.

When it comes to cost, many dealers offer bulk discounts. An eighth may start at $50, but by the time you get to an ounce you’d be paying less than $300 for the same marijuana. Not every dealer offers this, but it certainly can’t hurt to ask.

As for quality, that’s a harder thing to lock down. You’ll really only know how good your dealer’s product is once you’ve tried a few samples. And remember, on the black market, quality is largely a crapshoot. At some level, you just have to take what you can get.

Ease of marijuana transactions is also a big issue. These days, more dealers deliver than not, but many still refuse. This should be an important factor in your decision, since meeting a dealer in a Walmart parking lot every week could get dodgy fast.

Ask friends to hook you up

There are multiple ways to find a good dealer. The best, usually, is to ask friends who toke. At least one of them is sure to have a solid, steady connection. Typically, it’s best to ask your friend to introduce you to his dealer himself.

There is also the lazy approach: Craigslist. You’re operating with unknowns here, so the risks increase, but this approach is actually surprisingly safe. All you have to do is post an ad, usually in the “Strictly Platonic” personals section, and mention “420” in the title.

If you’re worried about cops, don’t be. This might be a reality in some Southern states, but it’s rare anywhere else. Police simply don’t have the time or resources to hunt down every pothead who buys from Craigslist.

They do go after sellers, however, which is why your dealer may insist that you smoke up before selling you your first batch. This is the only reliable way to suss out cops, as they are barred from using cannabis, even while undercover.

But beyond that, finding a good dealer on Craigslist is usually a cinch. Depending on where you live, dealers will often respond to your request in a matter of hours. So while the black market may be a pain, it’s still a decent place to get your weed.

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