Dropping by the Emerald City anytime soon? While you’re there, be sure to check our selection of the five best dispensaries in Seattle. Each one offers a unique vibe that fully encapsulates the essence of Seattle, including its unique people, architecture and atmosphere. Best of all, some of the best cannabis in the country comes from Seattle, and with any luck, you’ll take home dozens of award-winning products.

1. Dockside 

Seattle weed dispensary
Dockside is one of the best recreational dispensaries in Seattle, Washington thanks to it’s incredible customer service.

Dockside is located in a bright, earthy, architectural marvel filled to the brim with art and information. This massive dispensary offers everything you need for a good time as well as dozens of exciting deals and promos for the first-timers. If you’re new to weed entirely, dockside is the best dispensary in Seattle for you. Their menu is a book, but their unique installations depict the history and science of cannabis. Occasionally, Dockside hosts presentations from experts, allowing you to learn more about products and then try some for yourself. Right now you can save 10% when you order online.

2. Have a Heart

Best Seattle Dispensaries
Have a Heart is one of the best Seattle dispensaries, known for it’s artistic interior.

Have a Heart is considered by many to be the best dispensary in Seattle, though it also checks in as one of the best in California and Oregon. Their Belltown location is known for its proximity to the Space Needle and for its extremely artistic atmosphere. Inside, the walls are colored vibrantly and there are dozens of contemporary fixtures and murals. The staff at Have a Heart are some of the most experienced and savvy anywhere in the city, but they’re better known for their hundreds of unique, award-winning cannabis products. You can find practically everything you need here, and save big with their rewards program, daily deals and regular sales.

3. Uncle Ike’s

best seattle weed dispensary
Uncle Ike’s could claim the title of the best Seattle weed dispensary thanks to it’s extensive product selection.

You can find Uncle Ike’s dispensaries all over Seattle, though their most exciting location is found at 23rd and Union. Known for their incredible atmosphere and 420-friendly attitude, Uncle Ike’s has carved a name for itself thanks to its involvement in tons of different 420 celebrations and events. It earns the title of the best Seattle weed dispensary for its massive product line, which includes dozens of award-winning flower, concentrates, edibles, vapes and more. Right now you can get 5% off when you pre-order weed for pickup, though if you’re interested in browsing, sign up for their daily deals program and save up to 55% on certain products.

4. Ganja Goddess

Seattle cannabis dispensaries
Ganja Goddess is a Seattle dispensary with knowledgeable budtenders and an extensive range of products.

Ganja Goddess takes the cake as the best weed dispensary in Seattle for its iconic vertigo building location and beautiful interior. Shopping here is like stepping into a vintage art collective, with glossy counters and brick-lined walls with exposed ventilation. Inside each glimmering case are dozens of award-winning cannabis products, including flower, edibles, concentrates and more. Ganja Goddess is best known for its knowledgeable and mellow budtenders, as well as for having one of the largest selections of products out of all the dispensaries in Washington.

5. LUX Pot Shop

best dispensary in Seattle
If you like purchasing from a company that gives back to the community, Lux might be the best Seattle cannabis dispensary for you.

LUX, formerly known as Stash Pot Shop, is a growing operation with locations in Ballard, Fremont and Lake City. They’re considered by many prominent members of the community to be the best Seattle dispensary thanks to all of their wonderful commitments to the community as a whole. For example, 20% of vendor sales go directly to local nonprofits. The store is beautifully minimalist in design, though it utilizes a lot of touch screen technology that allows you to browse and explore products before you meet with your budtender. Inside you can find dozens of award-winning products and lots of great deals that make visiting Lux worth the trip.

6. Cannabis City

Cannabis City Weed Dispensary Seattle Washington
Cannabis City Weed Dispensary. Seattle, Washington

Cannabis City was the first Seattle dispensary to obtain a license to sell recreational marijuana, and it remains easily one of the best cannabis dispensaries in town. Located in the Industrial District near the water, this popular retail store draws quite a crowd – so much so that lines can sometimes be a bit of a problem. The edibles menu alone is well worth the wait: Caramelo truffles, candies, pot brownie bites, etc. And that’s to say nothing of the outstanding bud available at this Seattle original.

7. Ocean Greens

Ocean Greens Cannabis Dispensary Seattle
Ocean Greens Cannabis Dispensary. Washington, Seattle

Marijuana comes in all varieties at Ocean Greens, a top-shelf Seattle dispensary in the city’s Lichton Springs neighborhood. This is where you’ll find strains named after sugary treats, a rare Kush known as Heisenberg, and tasty edibles such as Caramel Apple Chewees. The focus is on discriminating taste: Ocean Greens has a sharp nose for the best cannabis strains in Seattle.

8. Seattle Cannabis Co.

Seattle Cannabis Co Weed Dispensary
Seattle Cannabis Co Weed Dispensary. Seattle, Washington

Located in Seattle’s SoCo district, Seattle Cannabis Co has a modern interior with clear aesthetic appeal. The dispensary proudly advertises its award-winning selection of buds, concentrates and edibles, not to mention the friendly, approachable and knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you might have. The selection of products on offer is seemingly endless, the bud is high-quality, and the people that sell you it are really nice – what more could you ask for?

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