We stoners aren’t exactly known as the athletic type. Many of us smoke cigarettes, most of us drink, and those of us with the right priorities would choose high over fit any day of the week.

But that hardly means we hate sports – or that we’re bad at them. Michael Phelps, anyone? Plus, a new football player gets busted for weed on an almost weekly basis these days.

Some sports are more inherently suited for the stoner milieu, though. If you’re a great basketball player, you’re a great basketball player regardless of the fact that you toke. But the whole point of being stoned is to relax, and in that spirit, here are the four best sports for potheads.

1. Volleyball

stoner sport volleyball

Volleyball is the only sport you can play in a gym wearing sweats or on the beach in a bikini. Plus, being on a volleyball team somehow makes people more attractive.

This sport is just fun, whether you’re a pro or a first-timer. It’s an easy game to set up pretty much anywhere, if you can jury-rig something into a net. And it’s a great workout.

It’s also harder, and much more competitive, than it often gets credit for. Top volleyball players are peak athletes, including the ones who smoke up. The sport may not generate the most attention at the Olympics, but it’s absolutely one of the most fun sports to watch or play.

2. Surfing

stoner sport surfing

Much like volleyball, surfing is a surprisingly difficult sport that combines a laid-back atmosphere with perhaps the best setting for toking: the beach.

Surfing packs a serious workout; it’s not the riding, it’s the swimming. You have to paddle out to each wave, then swim fast enough to keep up with it while mounting your board. The actual surfing takes grace and athleticism, but it’s the swimming that gets the heart beating.

This is also a highly competitive sport with some of the best athletes in the world. But it’s welcoming to newcomers, and of course, there’s weed all over the place.

3. Soccer

Best stoner sports

If you can’t say something nice about soccer, remember that 3.5 billion people think otherwise. It’s the world’s most popular sport (for some reason), and it’s one of the easiest to play.

Everyone knows the rules. Ask any American school kids these days, and they’ll probably know the game better than most Scottish soccer hooligans. It’s that big, and growing every day.

All you need is grass and chalk, and a net if you want to get technical. It’s easier to play than football or baseball or basketball or hockey or golf or even bass fishing. You can play with just a ball if you want. Hell, these days, you don’t even need legs to play soccer.

And if you can’t find fellow stoners in soccer fandom, you’re just not looking. The sport may be better known for its Euro-sots, but Europe is also the continent of Amsterdam, and that means something, right?

4. Frisbee Golf

frisbee golf
Frisbee Golf

There was actually a cop, recently, who tried to search a man’s car for pot solely on the grounds that the cop had spotted the man playing disc golf. That’s how closely Frisbee golf and weed are intertwined.

The man rightly asserted that the one didn’t prove the other in any way, but come on, we all know the cop was right: Smoking weed is a rite of passage for Frisbee golf fanatics, and Frisbee golf is a rite of passage for potheads.

Like soccer, disc golf is incredibly easy to play, as long as you’re willing to use natural markers. And many parks now have high-quality courses for Frisbee golfers.

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