If you’re on the hunt for the best quartz banger to enhance your next sab sesh, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll delve into our top six selection of the best quartz bangers money can buy in 2024. Each comes with its own set of unique features and benefits. So settle in, get comfy, and explore these dab tech essentials you should be familiar with before you shop for a new nail.

6 Best Quartz Bangers in 2024

From the customizable Terp Slurp to the affordable Cyclone Set, we’ll cover our favorite dab essentials below.

1. Terp Slurp 

Terp Slurp Quartz Banger
The Terp Slurp is one of the best bangers you can buy if you want to be able to use it with various different accessories.

The Terp Slurp reigns supreme as the most customizable banger on the market, offering an array of accessory options to suit your preferences. It has gained widespread recognition among dabbing connoisseurs for its cool-looking design and top-tier heat retention. Unlike a standard $20 quartz banger, the Terp Slurp features a dish at the bottom of the nail that draws concentrates in through a few small holes as you inhale. Since the concentrates are sucked inside, the inside of the nail is a visual marvel with pills and caps in constant motion during the dab. More importantly, they’re less wasteful and heat those concentrates evenly

Why you should buy it:

  • Can be used with terp pearls, pills and marble caps in a ton of great colors
  • Visually stunning in-use and on your rig, especially with accessories
  • Less wasteful and easy to clean
  • The heady bros are using it, and for good reason.

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2. Channel Slurp

Channel Slurp Banger
Like the Terp Slurper, the Channel Slurp is highly versatile when it comes to compatibility with accessories.

For those seeking a unique style combined with practical functionality, the Channel Slurp is the way to go. With its wide bottom-loading dish, this nail offers easy application and even heat distribution. But what truly sets it apart is the built-in spinning action, providing an added touch of fun and efficiency to your dabbing routine. It’s designed a lot like the classic terp slurper, except it utilizes a series of small channels instead of holes for more movement of those accessories and less waste.

Why you should buy it:

  • Versatile with accessories, like the classic slurper
  • Effortless loading with a wide dish, allowing for quick and convenient dabs.
  • Built-in spinning action for improved vaporization and efficient heat distribution.
  • Less wasteful than the classic slurper

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3. Long Barrel Slurper

Long Barrel Quartz Banger

If you prefer bigger, bolder accessories and enjoy massive dabs, the Long Barrel nail is an excellent choice. This nail provides ample room for terp pearls or pills, enabling you to customize your setup to suit your preferences. Similar to the Terp Slurp, the Long Barrel is bottom-loading, allowing for easy and efficient dabs. However, this innovative design offers a much longer bucket, which makes it possible to take much bigger dabs and hold more accessories than the other two slurpers.

Why you should buy it:

  • Accommodates larger and more elaborate accessories
  • Bottom-loading design for effortless loading and improved efficiency.
  • A newer style that combines slurper functionality with a touch of elegance. 

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4. Auto-Spinner Banger

Auto Spinner Banger

When it comes to ease of cleaning and an action-packed dabbing experience, the Auto Spinner nail takes the lead. As the name suggests, this classic-style banger delivers a spinning action with two pre-drilled holes within the bucket. These little babies make it possible to use anything as a carb cap, including marbles, pucks, or even rocks and those terp pearls will still spin like crazy.

Why you should buy it:

  • Easy-to-clean design, saving you time and effort in maintenance.
  • Compatible with accessories, and spins them with ease.
  • Work best with a puck or marble cap. Not compatible with directional airflow caps.

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5. Seamless Beveled Flat-Top Banger

Best Quartz Banger

You know what they say — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! For a classic style and unmatched durability, look no further than the Seamless Beveled Flat Top nail. Its timeless design not only adds sophistication to your setup but also makes cleaning a breeze. Additionally, this nail is capable of handling fat globs, ensuring a robust and satisfying dabbing experience.

Why you should buy it:

  • Easiest nail to clean
  • Most durable style overall
  • Can handle big globs and accessories
  • Works best with a multi-directional airflow cap

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6. Cyclone Cap Set

Cyclone Set Banger and Cap
The cyclone set is the best quartz banger set you can buy if you want an all-in-one package that gets those pearls spinning.

Combining affordability with performance, the Cyclone Set offers unbeatable value for dab fanatics. Instead of piecing together a frankenstein set of nails, carb caps and accessories, get everything you need in one go. The set includes a Seamless Beveled Flat Top Banger or an Opaque Bottom Banger, along with two terp pearls and a cyclone carb cap for spinning them.

Why you should buy it:

  • A complete set that includes a nail, 2 pearls, and a cap
  • Best value: $30-$40 and you get everything you need
  • Exceptional performance at an affordable price

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What to look for when choosing a new banger

With so many different nail options to choose from, you might be wondering how to make the right choice. Below are the essential aspects you need to consider to ensure you find a banger that will work with your setup.

1. Neck Angle

The neck angle of a banger refers to the angle that the banger connects to your dab rig. You want it to be the same angle as the joint on your rig so that you can dab safely and comfortably. For example, if your rig has a 90-degree (or vertical) joint, you’ll want a 90-degree nail. Alternatively, if your rig has a slanted joint, you’ll want to opt for the 45-degree nail.

2. Compatibility with Accessories

If you like using accessories like pearls, pills or inserts to enjoy better heat distribution, less waste, and improved flavors, look for a banger that can support them. While most standard nails are compatible with accessories, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right carb cap to make them work properly.

3. Style

While there are a lot of different nail styles out there, you’ll often come across variations of two main options: regular bangers and slurpers. Regular bangers have a flat top surface and are the traditional choice since they’re compatible with pretty much every rig. They provide a reliable and straightforward experience, allowing you to easily dab your concentrates and enjoy flavorful hits as well as utilize accessories — as long as you use the right cap with them.

On the other hand, slurpers or terp slurps are a little different. These nails are often heavier, so they can only be used with rigs with a sturdy base preventing it from tipping under the weight. They’re less wasteful, easy to clean, compatible with a ton of different accessories, and preferred for their flavors.

4. Durability

A well-constructed quartz banger ensures longevity, reliability, and a better overall experience. The best quartz banger brands offer bangers with seamless welds, which indicate high-quality craftsmanship and superior durability. Seamless welds also minimize the risk of cracking or breaking under high temperatures, providing a safer dabbing experience.

5. Price

While price may not be the sole determining factor, you should still keep it in mind. Bangers can vary significantly in price, depending on things like material, brand and design. You should also think about how much money you have in total so you don’t spend a ton on a new nail but can’t afford the accessories to really make it shine. Set a budget range and look for bangers that offer the best combination of quality, features and affordability within your budget.

At the end of the day, these six outstanding nails have set the standard for optimal hits and plain better dab tech design. By considering essential factors before you buy, you can confidently choose the best quartz banger from this list that suits your tastes and style preferences. So get out there and get dabbing!

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