Some days – most days, maybe – weed makes you want to stay home, locked to the couch and entertained by stoner movies and comfort TV. Other days, you want to get out, get around, see the world and enjoy it while baked out of your gourd.

But where to go? Some places and events are more fun than others while high. And some are more dangerous than others – which just makes the experience more fun.

So here are the 10 best places to go while stoned. Whether you’re looking for a cheap thrill or a mind-bending experience, these should all be stops along your cannabis journey.

1. The Zoo


Nothing will heighten the experience of a great high like a tiger snarling at you through Plexiglas or a grizzly lumbering around in a bear enclosure. The zoo gets you back in touch with nature, which is what weed is all about. But don’t go if you can’t stomach the thought of animals in captivity – the experience will definitely harsh your buzz.

2. An Open-Air Ball Game

Baseball is the thinking man’s game, and pot is the thinking man’s drug. Dwell on the mysteries of America’s pastime while enjoying a long day in the sun. Rain delays are even better – the departing crowds leave you plenty of privacy to smoke a J in the park while waiting for the game to resume.


3. Ice Fishing

Hear us out on this one. If you’re into fishing, there’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing than a day on the ice with a shed, a space heater, a sixer, and a joint or two. Plus there’s no one around to interrupt your favorite activities.


4. Church

Religion and weed don’t always mix, but consider church a chance to ponder deeper philosophies, theologies, and that funky robe your minister wears in the pulpit. Also, there’s the rush of keeping a dirty secret while everyone around you prays for forgiveness. The same applies at weddings and, especially, funerals.


5. Amusement Park

Save this daytrip for a nice, heady sativa – something that keeps you active and bubbly. Couchlock doesn’t always go well with roller coasters. But the colors, the candy, the wind in your hair, the weed – it all makes for the perfect way to spend a day.


6. The Cheesecake Factory

Actually, any annoying national chain with ridiculously unhealthy food will do. Dave & Busters or TGI Friday’s are also good choices. But The Cheesecake Factory is ready-made for hungry stoners: The food is heavy and the place is a constant sensory smorgasbord.


7. A National Park – Any National Park

Marijuana is a plant, a part of nature, and smoking it in the middle of a natural wonderland brings you right to the root of things. Most of us live within driving distance of a national park or national monument, and best of all, there’s endless wilderness in which to light up a joint.


8. Planetarium/IMAX


The planetarium is the standard rainy-day option for tokers who want to expand their minds. All those pretty stars . . . And a film on IMAX is just as good.


9. Rock Concert

Almost any concert will do: Unless the audience is made up entirely of screaming teenage girls, you’re sure to find others who want to toke with you. It’s usually easy to get weed into a concert, and really, who’s going to complain? For the best experience, pick a performer whose fans love dope. Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan come to mind.

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