Weed isn’t exactly known for inspiring ambition. Given the choice, wouldn’t you pick pot over employment any day of the week? But everyone needs a job, especially if they have marijuana to pay for.

In that spirit, here are some of the best gigs a stoner could ever land. They provide money, weed and, maybe most important, time to toke. Take a read and then see if anyone’s hiring.

Pot Dealer

Marijuana Dealer

Prohibition may be going out of style, but black market weed dealers aren’t an endangered species yet. They offer cheaper weed, faster, and they often deliver. You can’t say that about most legal pot shops.

It’s usually not a good idea to mix the job and the product, at least not if you plan to make a career out of it. But a lot of people find dealing the perfect way to earn some money and bring home extra dope.



As with any great job, blogging is all about you. Your hours, your topics, your opinions. And that gives you lots of room to enjoy some weed while you work.

Write about anything you want. Hell, if you can’t think of anything else interesting, write about pot. The audience for marijuana news is exploding, and you’ll never run out of things to cover.



Combine your love for the drug with the munchies it creates. Whether you cook for a straight audience or bake marijuana edibles, you start at the bottom and cook your way up.

Just think of all the food! With a day job you take home at night, you’ll always have access to the very best munchies on the market. No more Cheetos for you.



Granted, this isn’t an elevator you can grab at the ground floor; good art requires talent and incredible determination. But the rewards are obvious.

Art, like weed, puts you in direct contact with life’s deeper meanings. Some of the world’s great artists were high or drunk when they worked, a fact that isn’t surprising when you consider the turbulent souls this career attracts.


baby marijuana plants

Marijuana has a way of turning even stubborn thumbs green. If you’ve always wanted a garden but never had a reason good enough to overcome your terrible record with plants, here’s your excuse.

Weed cultivation is now legal in 32 states. In Colorado or Washington, you could try to get a license allowing you to grow for recreational pot shops, while in the other 30 states only medical pot is allowed. Bureaucratic hurdles are high, but if you can clear them this is a great way to stay in touch with your favorite plant.

Dispensary Worker

dispensary sign

Because sometimes you do need an excuse to hang around with cannabis all day. Dispensary work is harder to get in some places than others, and you can’t easily judge where that would be. California is notorious for its open dispensary rules, yet many local communities there have banned the shops.

Still, nothing gives credibility to a stoner like a job at a pot shop. Wow your friends with your knowledge of marijuana and all the latest trends. And always have something fresh at hand.


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