Cold starting your dabs is one of the best ways to get the most out of your favorite concentrates. By cold starting your dabs, you can avoid scorching your terpenes away, burning your concentrates, or chazzing your banger. But you might be wondering if you need any special equipment for cold starting your dabs. Read on to learn about the best banger for cold start dabs

Choosing a banger for cold start dabs 

Pretty much every banger can be used for cold starting your dabs. The only style that doesn’t work with the cold start method is the terp slurper or the honey bucket, so as long as you’re not using one of those you’re pretty much good to go. You don’t need any special equipment to take a cold start dab. But you will likely want to choose something with a flat top so it’s easier to scrape your concentrates into the banger itself. Below we’re outlining some of our top picks for cold start bangers. 

Best cold start bangers 

As mentioned, just about every banger works for the cold start method. But we do have a few favorites that we like best when we’re cold starting our dabs.

1. Round Bottom Banger 

Banger for cold start dabs
Round Bottom Quartz Banger

Round bottom bangers are some of the least wasteful bangers out there. Their rounded bottom makes it so that there’s no seam inside, allowing you to vaporize every last drop of your favorite concentrates. More importantly, it makes it easier to focus your heat and get those dabs nice and warm. Their shape also makes them significantly easier to clean. This one also comes complete with a flat top, so dropping your stickier concentrates in only involves a little bit of scraping.

2. Opaque Bottom Banger 

cold start banger
Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger

Opaque bangers are made of quartz, but also have a porous, opaque bottom that reduces your heat-up time. It also has the added benefit of holding onto heat longer, making it possible to cold start larger dabs. Like the round bottom, it also has a flat top for easy scraping and optimum airflow with your carb cap. This one comes in all sizes to fit every dab rig. 

3. Seamless Quartz Banger 

Best cold start banger
Seamless Quartz Banger

A seamless banger features a no-weld design that doesn’t have sharp edges or pre-drilled holes. Weak welds are notorious for being unable to stand up to heat and are more likely to crack after repeated healing and cooling, rendering your nail useless. The seamless connection from the neck to the bucket on this one makes it a lot more durable than others. Its flat top and beveled edge makes for a perfect seal between the banger and the carb cap, but also makes it easy to load your cold concentrates into the nail for cold starting. 

But there you have it: The best cold start bangers on the market. Just keep in mind that you can use pretty much any banger for a cold start except for a honey bucket or a terp slurper. Whatever quartz banger you have on hand already will give you great results for your dabs. Enjoy!


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