One of the most valuable properties of marijuana is its ability to stimulate appetite. This effect is based on both anecdotal and scientific evidence, all of which suggest that cannabis can be quite an effective appetite stimulant for many people suffering from serious health conditions. The appetite stimulating properties of marijuana are especially beneficial for people suffering cancer, many of whom have an impaired sense of taste in addition to poor appetites.

There are currently a number of synthetic THC-based medications on the market, some of which are intended specifically to increase the appetite or at least to stabilize it. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the ingredient in marijuana that is primarily associated with the appetite stimulating properties of the drug. Although many of these synthetic medications can be quite effective, most patients report more satisfactory effects when marijuana is smoked.

White Widow
White Widow

A number of theories have been proposed to explain the appetite stimulating effects of marijuana. The predominant theory is that smoking marijuana increases the levels of certain hormones in the body – ghrelin and leptin – both of which are known to stimulate hunger. These two hormones have the advantage of being able to stimulate appetite without having an effect on the levels of insulin. For this reason, marijuana has been proposed as a feasible appetite stimulant for patients in whom a drastic change in insulin levels might be hazardous.

Certain strains of marijuana are better at stimulating appetite than others. Here are 5 strains that are known to increase the appetite in users.


White Widow

This is an Indica dominant strain that has superb relaxation and mood enhancing effects. Apart from an increase in appetite, many users of White Widow also report having more interest in activities that would normally not interest them. With a THC content of 18%, White Widow will relax you and unlock your creativity while stimulating your appetite.

Super Skunk

This particular strain is an excellent choice for growing indoors, because it produces dense buds without growing too high. Combining the best qualities of Skunk, Afghani Hash, and Ruderalis, this Indica dominant strain produces a heavy, stoney buzz and helps increase your appetite as it relaxes you.

Big Bud

The appropriately named Big Bud produces huge, densely packed buds with a potent effect. Noticeably smooth and long-lasting, Big Bud is ideally suited for stimulating appetite as well as reducing stress and anxiety. It is also quite effective as an insomnia remedy. A hardy and durable strain, Big Bud grows well in a variety of settings.

Dark Star

A remarkably powerful and potent strain, Dark Star helps stimulate the appetite and ease pain as well. It is quite easy to grow, and tends to produce a higher calyx-to-leaf ratio than other plants.

Jack The Ripper

Another appropriately named strain, Jack the Ripper is characterized by a distinctive lemony smell and heavy resin-laden buds. The high tends to creep in slowly but it definitely packs a solid punch. Apart from stimulating appetite, Jack The Ripper also encourages sleep and relaxation.


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