One of the most enjoyable things to do while stoned is to simply veg on the sofa and spend a few hours watching TV. If you aren’t satisfied with slapstick comedy or typical stoner fare however, you might want to check out a few stoner tv shows that give your brain more of a workout. Some of these shows have solid plots and exciting storylines, while others are so purely entertaining or awe-inspiring that it will blow the high mind.

stoner shows The X-FilesThe X-Files

This legendary series from the 1990’s is a classic for good reason. Extraterrestrial life and the conspiracy theories surrounding them make up much of the storylines of The X-Files, but the series often delves into paranormal activities of a more earthly origin as well.

Northern Exposure

This quaint and quirky series is set in the Alaskan town of Cicely, in which newbie doctor Joel Fleishman has to settle in due to the terms of his scholarship. The town is populated by mostly friendly characters, although they all have their eccentric charms.

Breaking BadBreaking Bad

A modern-day classic that took television audiences around the world by storm, Breaking Bad chronicles the life of high school chemistry teacher Walter White shortly after he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Given only a short time to live, Walt becomes desperate to leave his family with enough money to last them once he has gone. Desperate, he turns to making crystal meth and becomes increasingly involved in the drug trade, with every step in his rise to the top often resulting in catastrophic consequences. Oh, and his brother-in-law is a DEA agent.

The Sopranos

You definitely have never seen a mob TV series like this one! Seen through the eyes of New Jersey Mob boss Tony Soprano, the series is an intimate portrait of a powerful man who struggles to face his fragility and vulnerability.

stoner tv showsThe Wire

This one will take a bit more concentration, but the sprawling tale of crime, corruption, and political maneuvering will definitely reward the patient stoner. Absolutely epic in its scope, tight and well-written, The Wire is so much more than a police drama. Set in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire had a massive cast that covered all the ins and outs of illegal life in a normal American city.

The Twilight Zone

Blazing up a fat one and settling into a few episodes of bizarre tales is time well-spent, and The Twilight Zone definitely delivers on the bizarre. The legendary series has been produced in updated versions twice, but every hardcore stoner knows that the original 1960s series is by far the most enjoyable. Episodic and often dark, the twist endings will blow your mind.

Jackassstoner tv shows

Ah Jackass…that rough-and-ready grab-bag of gags, stunts, tricks, and just outright insanity that kicked the television audience in its collective butt. The show has since spun-off into individual shows featuring different members of the gang, but for our money, the original series is the best of the lot.

The Shield

The Shield initially seems pretty much like the typical cop series, but the storyline takes a hard twist into corruption right at the end of the first episode. This sets the stage for an intense and gritty look into the world of an elite strike team that walks the fine line between duty and self-preservation.

stoner tv showsSurvivorman

You gotta have a nature show in this list, and Survivorman is hands down the most engrossing. If you like your outdoor adventures on the slick and reenacted side, you can always watch the other guy whose name rhymes with “Air Drills”. But for serious stoned viewing, Les Stroud is the man.

The Walking Dead

Smoking good weed pretty much renders you a zombie, so what better match than a zombie series on TV? Intense and very engrossing, The Walking Dead is a great way to spend an hour baked.

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