If you truly want to get all the benefits of THC and CBD, there is no better way to do it than by using concentrates. Providing as pure an experience as you will likely get from any cannabis-based preparation, concentrates deliver a potent dose that is ideally suited for many medical and recreational purposes.

There are many ways by which you can use concentrates, almost as many as there are different forms of concentrates, in fact. If you are eager to dip into the fascinating world of concentrates but are unsure of how to go about it, these suggestions offer great starting points for further exploration.

Spoon PipeMixed in a joint or in a pipe

A quick and easy way to gets started with concentrates is simply by adding them to some marijuana. Whether you opt for a joint or a pipe, adding a few crumbs of concentrate into the mix will give you a good idea of what to expect from concentrates. Keep in mind however that this isn’t the most efficient way to use concentrates, and you should probably explore other methods if you want to get a purer experience.

In a hash pipe

Some pipes designed for use with hash make for excellent delivery methods for concentrates as well. You might need to purchase a special replacement screen for this purpose, but hash pipes generally provide an easy way to get started with concentrates. They are also priced inexpensively, so you can find out what the fuss is all about without having to spend too much money.

With a vaporizer

vaporizers for concentratesVaporizers can also be used for concentrates, but keep in mind that not all models are suitable for the task. Interestingly enough, the larger, more fully-featured vaporizers don’t necessarily make for a better vaporizing experience as far as concentrates are concerned. In fact, you might find that you get much better performance from portable handheld vaporizers that are less than ideal for use with herbs.

Vaporizers range in price from about $30 to about $200, but remember that a high price tag doesn’t necessarily equate to better performance. Vaporizers aren’t generally the best options for consuming concentrates, but they will certainly get the job done in the absence of any other alternatives.


brushed glass rigDabbing is by far the most efficient and most effective method for consuming concentrates. Dabbing rigs are made for this very purpose, and they allow you to get the purest essence of your product with practically zero plant material in the mix. Dabbing involves placing a bit of concentrate on a heated metal nail (typically made of titanium), where it will vaporize on contact, releasing the active ingredients in vapor form. The result is a powerful and potent dose without the flavor or effects of other ingredients.

A good dabbing rig can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as several thousand dollars. It can be quite a pricey way to consume concentrates, but the purity and potency make it the favored choice for most experienced dabbers.


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