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Explore the world of dabbing with help from Stoner Things. Our articles will help you hone in on your technique, perfect your dab seshs, discover the latest and best dab tools, and teach you about how concentrates are made.

Concentrates Resource Articles

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Best Cold Start Bangers for Low Temp Dabs

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The newest niche in stoner culture is quickly evolving. Though the concept of dabbing has been around for decades, it’s a fairly new style of consuming cannabis when compared to smoking flower. And it’s slightly more complex.

Concentrates are just that- concentrated amounts of THC made through various extraction processes. Common techniques include using solvents like butane, cryogenically freezing fresh flower, and utilizing innovative and expensive equipment like closed-loop extraction machines.

Concentrates come in many consistencies and potencies based on their manufacturing method. That’s where terms like shatter, crumble, and rosin come in.

There are a bunch of moving parts when it comes to actually taking a dab. First, you need all the right tools. This generally includes a rig, nail, carb cap, dabber, and torch. Then, you’ve got to get comfortable with the torch and the heat-up and cool-down times that work best with your accessories. Luckily, there are a ton of resources and even free lessons that will show you what’s up.