710 is the biggest holiday for dabbers everywhere, and lucky for you, there are TONS of sales out there. If you’re looking to get your setup squared away for the holiday, you won’t want to miss these OIL day promos. Below you’ll find our guide to the best 710 deals, specials, and events, just in time for July 10th. If you see something you want to cash in on, just hit the links and get to it! Have a fantastic holiday.

1. Boundless: 20% off Terp Pens through 7/11

Boundless is a great company well known for their incredible vaporizers, which we’ve reviewed here on Stoner Things a few times now. Their Terp Pen is one of the best portable and discrete electric nectar collectors that we’ve ever seen. Most importantly, they’re affordable and ultra durable. Right now Boundless is offering a 710 sale on their Terp Pen and their Terp Pen XL, which are both fantastic for dabs on the go wherever you might end up this holiday. Visit Boundless Technology’s website from now right up to the end of July 11 and use promo code “710terp” at checkout to save 20% off on both of these products.

2. Kind Pen: 40% off through 7/11

710 sale

Kind Pen makes the OG personal vaporizer pen, and we’ve also reviewed several of their other vapes here on ST, too. Recently, they dropped their newest tabletop and handheld dry vape, called the OG Jams. Jams comes in three different colors and holds a massive half gram of flower in the chamber, making it the perfect addition to your arsenal for the holiday, especially if you’re gonna be seshing with friends. Whether you’re in the market for something portable or personal for dabbing or vaping flower, visit Kind Pen online from 710 through July 11th and save 40% on everything on their site using promo code “710forty.”

3. Yo Dabba Dabba: 40% Off through 7/10

710 promotion
Get 40% off at Yo Dabba Dabba sitewide through 7/10 using code dabs710 at checkout.

Yo Dabba Dabba is literally your one stop shop for all things dabs. Their innovative company designs tons of affordable dab technologies and offers everything you need for your setup, minus the hash of course. Within their online store you can find rigs, e-nails, bangers, carb caps, dab tools, and countless other accessories to take your game to the next level. This year they’re throwing down for 710, allowing you to get 40% off every product when you use promo code “dabs710” on their website from now until 7/10. It’s the perfect coupon code if you’ve got something fancy on your wish list, like a terp slurper or a new rig.

4. Legal Smoke Shop: 35% off through 7/10

best 710 sales

If you want affordable, quality products and quick, discreet shipping, Legal Smoke Shop is where its at. These guys have everything for both dabs and flower, including pipes, waterpipes, rigs, and dozens of other dab and smoke accessories. They’re a great choice if you need to restock on your favorite accessories, or if you’re going to need a drug screening kit to pass your drug test post 710. For oil day, they’re offering a 35% discount on all products from July 8th through 10th. Use promo code “OIL2022” on their website and save big this holiday.


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