Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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Keep informed on the latest medical studies and health discoveries of every stoner’s favorite plant. Here, our articles report on everything health-related: from how marijuana use can aid ailments to its influence on your sex life, all backed by cutting-edge cannabis research and developments. 

Health & Science Articles

police ignoring low level crimes coronavirus

Police Are Ignoring Low-Level Crimes During Coronavirus Pandemic

During times of extreme crisis, prioritization is key. It helps keep resources available to those who need them. Of course, if there simply aren’t...
marijuana kill coronavirus

No, Marijuana Does Not Kill Coronavirus

During a crisis there is unfortunately the side effect of a lot of bad information. It’s difficult enough to know what’s really...
coronavirus quarantine surge dispensary sales

Coronavirus Quarantine Stockpiling Has Lead To A Surge In Dispensary Sales

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, people are stocking up on some supplies. The “new normal” means avoiding crowds, staying at home...
cannabis use increase seniors

Cannabis Use By Seniors Has Surged 75% Since 2015, Study Reveals

What a difference a decade makes. The lead author of a survey in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine...
medical marijuana reciprocity programs

Why Aren’t More Medical Marijuana Patients Using Reciprocity Programs?

More than half a dozen medical marijuana states take part in a reciprocity program that allows for out-of-state licenses to be accepted...

Legalized Medical Marijuana Leads To People Having More Sex, Study Shows

Do changes in marijuana laws make you horny? According to one study, they might. Actually, it’s important to remember that correlation isn’t...
students less likely binge alcohol where marijuana is legal

Student Less Likely To Binge Alcohol Where Cannabis Is Legal, Study Finds

Binge drinking is a big problem. But a new study indicates one possible remedy could be legal weed. In fact, the states that legalized...
colorado marijuana is not harmless campaign

Colorado County Officials Launch ‘Marijuana Is Not Harmless Campaign’

This probably isn’t news to anyone who has ever stubbed their toe on something, but absolutely nothing in the world is entirely harmless. You...

Stoners have long been aware of cannabis’ medicinal properties. For centuries advocates have touted its ability to relieve pain, ease nausea and vomiting, and decrease inflammation, and the list continues to grow. 

Medical marijuana research has been stalled and stunted by federal policy, so mass studies on the healing powers of the cannabis plant are just beginning to take off. Scientists and medical professionals across the globe are eager to unlock its potential, but because the federal government still considers marijuana an illegal drug, obtaining grants and support for studies is a slow process. But, that’s all (hopefully) about to change.

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