There are countless ways to use marijuana: smoking from a bowl, toking from a bong, vaping with a pen. The list goes on and on. Some methods, however, are easier than others. A water pipe is pure simplicity – until it’s time to clean the thing. Rolling a J is easy, too, unless you have a hand tremor, muscle spasms, or poor hand-eye coordination.

Many people enjoy a challenge when ingesting weed, but others are after ease and speed. These people may want to consider trying cigarette tubes. If you’re one of those people looking for convenience and speed, read on. We’re going to take a closer look at how to use cigarette tubes.

What are cigarette tubes?

Cigarette tubes are basically just empty, pre-rolled cigarette tubes with filters. They’re ideal for tobacco, but they also make a great tool for smoking weed.

cigarette tubes for weed

Similar to blanks and cones, cigarette tubes for weed combine the convenience of a joint with the appearance and handiness of a traditional cigarette. The idea is obvious: fill the thing with pot, ignite and inhale.

What are the benefits of using cigarette tubes for smoking weed?

Aside from the fact some people may find them easier to roll, the only real benefit of cigarette tubes is that they may make it easier to pass your joint off as a tobacco cigarette. But this tactic is far from foolproof: Weed still smells like weed, and anyone who gets close enough – including cops – will catch on fast.

how to use cigarette tubes

How to use cigarette tubes

Here’s how to use cigarette tubes for weed.

  1. First, you want to get rid of the filter. There’s some debate over what effect filters have on marijuana, but for most users, it isn’t worth the risk of lost THC. To remove the filter, simply pinch and tear. The dense paper filter should come right off. You can also use scissors, which will give you a cleaner-looking cut, but pinching is easier.
  2. Next, make a roach in place of the filter — you can use a filter tip from brands such as RAW or any thin piece of cardboard. Tear it into the correct shape if required, and make two small folds at one end to create a “W” accordion-like shape. Now roll the rest of the strip around the “W” to form a tight cylinder about the width of your cigarette tube. This is your roach. Fit it into the end of the paper tube where there was once a filter.
  3. Then fill the tube with ground-up weed. Use a narrow pen or pencil to tamp down the cannabis as you fill.

Finally, twist off the other end of the joint, light, and enjoy!

Best cigarette tubes: our recommendations

Cigarette tubes come in all the different standard sizes and can be purchased from many of the major manufacturers. However, there are a ton of other companies out there making cigarette tubes for the sole purpose of rolling weed into them, including companies like Zig-Zag and RAW, who make their tubes using natural ingredients, like their rolling papers.

Below we’re diving deeper into our top four favorite cigarette tube brands. Each one is the perfect size for a night at home alone and made from materials and ingredients that we trust. Best of all, you can get them shipped directly to your door.  

1. Zen White Light King Size Cigarette Filter Tubes

cigarette tubes for weed

With almost a 5-star rating out of over 700 reviews, you can’t go wrong with Zen. These white king-size cigarette tubes come with a filter and are made from a medium-weight white paper. The papers are ventilated to help deliver a more even burn and a lighter smoking sensation, which is a great choice if you’re looking to taste more weed than paper. You can get 2 boxes containing 250 cigarette tubes for only $13 on Amazon, and enjoy free shipping with Prime.

2. Gambler Regular King Size Cigarette Tubes

gambler cigarette tubes

Gambler cigarette tubes look a lot like a standard red cigarette with an orange filter. Each box contains 200 unfilled tubes that are perfect for use with rolling machines. If you’re new to cigarette tubes, Gamblers are a great choice because they’re very sturdy and not easily ripped or crushed. Further, the box has a pop-out hole for single-tube dispensing. Ultimately, these king-size cigarette tubes are great for weed, good for beginners, and don’t have any unpleasant flavors.

3. Aces Regular King Size RYO Cigarette Tubes

best cigarette tubes

Aces makes an ultra-light king-size cigarette tube that offers the best flavors from your favorite strains without a lot of that unpleasant paper flavor. They come with orange filters for added discretion, and are great for manual rolling. Since the papers are on the thin side, they aren’t super easy to use with a machine, but they’re still a fantastic choice for people with intent to use them with cannabis. You can get 1000 of them for $20 on Amazon with free prime shipping.

4. Premier Navy Cigarette Tubes King Size

cigarette blanks

Premier cigarette tubes are sturdy and forgiving for beginners. Made from virtually flavorless paper, they stand up well to dry materials and over-packing. They can be used with rolling machines as an added benefit, aren’t harsh or flavored, and burn nice and slowly for a more relaxing and even smoke. You can get 1000 tubes for only $18 with free prime shipping on Amazon.

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