“What is the best way to smoke weed?” There are probably more answers to this question as there are ways to smoke marijuana, and the answer is different for almost everyone.

While some prefer the simplicity and convenience of a glass pipe or a one-hitter, others prefer the classic and more sociable experience provided by a joint. Here is a rundown of some of the best ways to smoke weed, and a few other methods that may not be quite as popular, but are worth knowing about nonetheless.


joint rollingJoints are classics for a reason: they are easy to use, easy to roll (with a bit of practice), and can be made quickly with readily available papers. They are also excellent for socializing, and they offer a quick and easy way to get a small group of people high. They are also perfectly serviceable for solo smoking, and they have the advantage of enabling you to enjoy the flavor of your weed.




bong bowl with weedLike joints, bongs have achieved classic status in the marijuana users’ world, due to their ease, convenience, and undeniable potency. Only slightly less convenient than a joint or a pipe, bong-smoking requires only a specialized water pipe in which to smoke the weed. The most effective and most efficient bongs tend to be the simple, straightforward devices, although they come in a variety of shapes and designs.



VolcanoVaporizerFor the question “what is the best way to smoke weed”, the answer for a growing number of people seems to be not to smoke it all. With a vaporizer, you can do just that, and it may be the safest and cleanest way to enjoy your bud. Vaporizers heat the marijuana just up to the temperature necessary to vaporize the active ingredients in weed without actually burning it. This gives you all the positive effects of weed without the negative health effects associated with smoking.



Glass Elephant PipePipes provide a quick and easy way to enjoy weed, and glass models are especially enjoyable. They provide a smoother and cleaner experience than most other types of pipes, and the fact that they are much easier to clean is an added bonus. Although glass pipes–“pieces” as they are often called–aren’t the best choices for entertaining company, they are unbeatable for solo enjoyment.



bluntsBlunts are pretty similar to joints in many ways: they are rolled, they look like cigarettes, and are meant to be smoked as such. However, a key difference is that blunts are rolled with cigar tobacco wrappers instead of the customary rolling paper, and they are often rolled much thicker. Many people opt to add a bit of the discarded tobacco into the mix with the weed, although this isn’t really necessary. Blunts are especially suitable for accommodating large groups of people.



Spoon PipeOne-hitters are simply pipes designed for solo use. As the name implies, one-hitters can only fit a small amount of weed. Although hardly suitable for entertaining company, one-hitters offer a portability and convenience that no other smoking method can compare with.



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