We’ve all been there once or twice. After a long day, you get nice and comfy on the couch and prepare yourself for a nice mellow evening. You might even go so far as to go through all the trouble of rolling the perfect pearled joint, or cleaning your bong and packing it with the frostiest bud in your arsenal. But alas, your lighter is nowhere to be found. Have no fear. If the shops are closed and you need a toke, there are a few ways to smoke weed when you find yourself without a lighter. Here’s how:

1. Use your gas stove 

light joint with a gas stove
Lighting a joint with a gas stove is likely the most commonly used alternative to using a lighter.

This one is by far the easiest method since it involves actual fire. Turn on the gas burner on your stove and ignite it with the knob. Once that’s settled, go ahead and apply your blunt or joint directly to the flame. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done. Feel free to also stick a bamboo skewer or a candle in there too if you want to take that fire and apply it to a bowl or bong.

2. Use a toaster 

light joint with a toaster
Simply apply your joint to the red hot filament to ignite your joint.

Your toaster is full of hot coils that you can use to light a joint. Hold a joint between your fingers and cram it into the coils inside your toaster. Give it a few seconds to heat up, and then you can smoke away. This method also works with toaster oven coils. If you’re feeling dangerous, you can use these coils to light a bamboo skewer or candle to apply to a packed bong or bowl.

3. Use an electric burner 

Just like the hot knife method works for dabbing, it also works for smoking weed. Take a butter knife and heat it up with the coils on a hot electric stove. Once it starts glowing red, you can remove it from the burner using an oven mitt and apply it directly to a prepacked bowl or to a joint.

4. Head to the car for a cigarette lighter 

smoke weed with a car cigarette lighter
You’ll find these in fewer and fewer vehicles nowadays, but they work perfectly.

This one is also pretty self explanatory. If you have an old car, you’ve got a handy lighter built into your dash next to your 8-track cassette player. You can use that to apply heat directly to a joint or packed bowl and inhale that weedy goodness to your heart’s content.

5. Use some batteries 

If you’ve got a couple of batteries and some tin foil lying around, you can light a joint with science. Take a 1.5” strip of foil and trim it as thin as you can with a pair of scissors. Then get a second, smaller 1.5” sheet of foil and fold it in half.  Take the thin piece of foil and fold it into a v-shape. Connect one end of the V to the positive part of a battery, and connect the other side of the V to the negative using your fingers. Hold the joint in your mouth, and touch your batteries and V strip to the folded foil on your table. Voila! You’ve created an electric current and can now light your joint.

6. Harness the power of the sun 

lighting joint with magnifying glass
If you have a magnifying glass handy, you can use it to focus the sun into a narrow beam that’s hot enough to light a joint. Be careful not to focus the heat on your skin though.

If you’ve still got some daylight, head outside with a joint and magnifying glass.  Position the magnifying glass so it’s facing the sun. The magnifying glass will focus the sunlight into a narrow beam, hot enough to light up a joint. You will need to experiment with how far away from the joint you should position the magnifying glass. Find the point where the light beam is its narrowest, and direct it at the tip of your joint. When positioned correctly, the joint will quickly start to smoke and light.

There you have it. If worst comes to worst, try these six methods to smoke weed without a lighter. Next time you head to the store, get yourself a book of matches to break out when emergencies like this one break out.

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