Got snoopy relatives, grubby roommates or greedy friends? All great reasons to find the best places to hide your weed.

There’s a big problem, though: The easier it is for you to find a good hiding spot, the easier it will be for others to find it. Which just means you have to be smart, and you have to think like the people who are trying to find your cannabis gold.

Avoid stereo speakers, in other words. That’s probably the first place a snoop would look. Instead, here are some of the best places you can hide your pot.

1. Gun Safe

Best Places to Hide Weed gun safe

This isn’t clever, exactly, just determined. Actually, those little portable gun safes are outright terrible at keeping guns locked up, but they’re great for weed.

These things probably won’t keep the cops out, but at least you can make the job of busting you incrementally harder. For most other snoopy noses, these gun boxes should do the trick.

A quick tip: get some Gorilla Glue and seal the keyhole shut. Rely on the combination alone. Although you risk losing access to your pot this way, there are a couple of advantages.

First, gun safes are notoriously easy to jimmy open. The industry fixed some of its cheapest models over the last few years after a cop’s son shot himself to death with his father’s gun. The simplest way to bust the safes is to trip the key lock, and Gorilla Glue makes that pretty much impossible.

Also, under court rulings, the police can’t force you to give up the combination to a lock. Otherwise you’d lose your Fifth Amendment right not to provide testimony against yourself.

2. Hollowed-Out Book

Best Places to Hide Weed hollow book

Again, smart is in the eye of the beholder. You can bet any serious pest will find this hiding place pretty quickly, but it should pass most other inspection.

Either buy a hollowed-out book or make one yourself. Simply buy a believable but nondescript hardcover – we recommend the Bible, but dictionaries, fantasy novels, and anything by Stephen King is also good.

Wrap the front cover, plus the first two pages, in plastic wrap. Now spread a layer of glue (use a solution that’s 30 to 50 percent water) along the pages on each side of the book. The idea is to glue the pages together from the outside.

Next, use an X-Acto knife to cut through all the pages until you get to the back of the book. Draw a one-inch margin around the first glued page and drill holes in each corner to make the cutting easier.

Be careful when choosing your title. You want something just boring enough that it doesn’t draw attention, but also not so boring that it appears conspicuous. Hiding weed in a book about weed completely defeats the purpose.

3. Plain Sight

Best Places to Hide Weed - Stash Cans

Some of the best places to hide weed are in plain sight. Get creative and you could hide your pot in just about anything: a soda can, a deodorant stick, a toaster. Just hollow out and hide!

If you don’t feel up to the task of doing it yourself, you can also find many of these “stash cans” and everyday safes pre-made at most head shops.

But don’t get overly anxious and hide your hiding place. A can stash does you no good if your kid finds it underneath your bed; in such cases, you’re pretty much asking for them to take a closer look.

Instead, keep a stash can in the back of a case of soda. Put your Axe body spray container under your sink. Store your shaving cream can in the medicine cabinet. In other words, make your stash easy to find,, but also easy to overlook.

4. Medication Bottles

Best Places to Hide Weed - Pill Bottle

Your date might find your medicine cabinet fascinating, but no one else does. Stash your stash inside vitamin containers and other medications with non-transparent sides.

Be careful if you have an exotic disease, though, especially if others know about it. They’re much more likely to go digging through your meds if they think you’ve got syphilis than if they think you have osteoporosis.

If you can, leave some pills in the container. That way, when it’s shaken, it will sound at least something like a medicine bottle should sound.

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