The Volcano Vaporizer Digit pulls many features from the Classic series of Volcano Vaporizers. The main difference is the digital display and the addition of an auto shut-off feature.

Looks and Design

The Volcano Digit is a very sturdy unit, and if used properly, should last as long you have it. It resembles the Volcano Classic but with the addition of a large LED display rather than a knob for adjusting the temperature. The brushed metal core gives the volcano a slick, stainless steel-type look. Overall, the unit has one of the coolest designs on the market.

Volcano Digit - Digital Vaporizer
Volcano Digit – Digital Vaporizer


There’s no denying that when it comes to vaporizers, there is a wide range of quality. However, Volcano is known for residing close to the top in that department. The Digital Vaporizer’s temperature range is 104°F-446°F (40°C-230°C), although we found some fluctuation of about 2.7°F, which is actually more accurate than most other vaporizers. Keep in mind that vapor taste varies at different temperatures, but regardless the smoke should be cool and dense. The display not only shows your desired temperature, but also shows the actual temperature of unit in real time, so you always know when it is ready. The volcano is designed to fill balloons with vapor as opposed to whip/wand style vaporizers, which allows the vapor to cool before inhalation.

The Kit

There’s two different options here, from Solid Valve to Easy Valve. The difference? The Solid Valve is permanent and needs maintenance, but is made of high quality stainless steel and heat resistant plastics. The Easy Valve, on the other hand, comes attached to a bag and is disposable. Once it can no longer be used, you simply toss it and replace it with another. Both types come in at $669.99 with a two year warranty.

The Verdict

With a price tag of $669.99, the Volcano Digit is definitely expensive. But, many who own the unit claim that the upside to having the Volcano is that you will never need to purchase another unit. What you’re spending in money you’re gaining in a user-friendly, acclaimed vaporizer with a long warranty and few reported problems. Definitely worth it if you vape a lot and have extra cash on hand.

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