Check out the products featured in our 4/20 giveaway. From bongs and cannagar kits to cleaning solutions and odor eliminators, we’ve included everything needed to enjoy the stoner holiday in style. 

What You Can Win

Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMold

This is a novelty item every true stoner needs. If you love smoking blunts or smoke out all your friends, Purple Rose Supply’s cannagar will revolutionize your smoke sessions. The cannamold kit helps you create a cigar-sized blunt that burns for hours. It works by compressing cannabis into a mold that you wrap with a shell or blunt wrap, and top with a wooden tip. It’s classy as fuck, honestly. 

Graffix 10” Fat Bubble

You’ve probably seen the Graffix jester at a smoke shop sometime throughout your stoner career- because this bong company has been around since the 80s. Made in the USA and built to last, they are considered ‘the original acrylic bong.’ Each piece can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning, a pull-slide with a handle, and a removable base. 

Piece Water Solution

Instead of filling your bong, bubbler or rig with regular tap water, try Piece Water Solution. This proprietary blend of safe and all-natural solution uses mineral water and vegetable and fruit extracts to prevent the build-up of resin. It also acts as a  filter for cleaner, smoother hits and increases viscosity for better draws. Simply start with a clean piece and use this product in place of water to keep your pipe clean at all times. 

DabCap Vape-to-Bong Adapter

If the distillate in your cartridge is so delicious you really want to rip it–DabCap is here to help. The patent-pending design works with round or buckbill tipped cartridges and fits perfectly into the downstem of most water pipes or rigs. It even works with both male and female pieces. It’s easy to use: Insert the cartridge loaded vape pen into the DabCap, insert the cap into the downstem, take a hit, and remove the vape after clearing. Allow the vape pen to rest every 2-3 hits. 

420 Odor Eliminator

When High Times says it’s the best, you listen. This dry aerosol odor eliminator smells like freshly washed linens and eliminates odors without overkill. Just like smoke, this spray rises to meet the odor at the source. You can use it on upholstery, in a/c intake vents, and anywhere you want to eliminate odors. 

Bee Wick Hemp Wick

Hemp wicks are the way to go when you’re smoking a bowl. The stoner-secret eliminates the risk of butane inhalation that comes with using a lighter. It’s a healthier option. Bee Wicks are 100% organic, made from non-GMO hemp and dipped in pure American beeswax. Wrap it around your lighter, light the end of your wick, and enjoy tasty hits sans butane. When you’re done, make sure to extinguish the flame because it’ll keep burning. 

ResRemover 420 Cleaner

This handy little bag has the power to clean quartz, glass, ceramic, metal, silicone, plastic and acrylic of sticky resin. The ‘Just Add Water’ design is super convenient, and it’s reusable! Simply add hot water to the bag, add your smoking accessories, squeeze out air, seal, and soak overnight. The plant-based formula isn’t harsh, but it gets the job done. 

O.C.B Rolling Papers

OCB produces old school, high-quality rolling papers from premium materials and crafted by French artisans. Their roll kits come with papers and tips that are packaged in a paper rolling tray. They’ve been around since 1918, so they know their stuff. Virgin papers are unbleached, chlorine-free, slow-burning with natural gum. 

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