Dab tech is constantly changing and expanding to offer a more flavorful and refined dabbing experience for concentrate enthusiasts. The latest in a long line of new and innovative products includes quartz inserts. Quartz inserts are small, bucket-shaped dishes and similar accessories made of quartz that can be used to keep your quartz banger looking its best while offering you more flavorful drags. Here’s everything you need to know about quartz inserts, how they work and which ones you may like best.

What are Quartz Inserts? 

Quartz inserts are usually small buckets that fit inside your quartz banger and serve two key purposes: They help to avoid making a mess in your banger, and they allow more flavorful hits. Inserts come in all shapes and sizes with the most common ones being dish-shaped. However, dish-shaped inserts are usually compatible with other inserts (like terp pearls) that give the banger additional surfaces for heat distribution. Heat distribution with inserts makes it possible to get more hits out of a standard-sized dab and keeps the temperature at the optimal temperature for the best tasting terpenes.

Quarts Insert inside banger
Quartz insert inside a Yo Dabba Dabba Quartz Banger.

How do I use a Quartz Insert? 

To use them, you simply heat up your banger as you normally would. However, instead of dropping your dab directly into the hot bucket, you’ll instead place the dab into the quartz insert and drop the whole thing inside the hot banger. This allows your banger to stay clean by keeping the mess contained to the insert. However, it also allows you to cold-start your dabs, which encourages more flavorful and longer-lasting hits. Since the heat is applied indirectly, you get more flavor and a slower burn that makes for a better dabbing experience. Best of all, all you have to do is remove the insert and drop it into some isopropyl alcohol to clean it. You don’t even have to touch your actual banger, making it possible to keep it clean and shiny use after use.

Top 3 best Quartz Inserts 

While there are a lot of quartz inserts out there, you should familiarize yourself with the standard designs so you can accessorize them any way you like. Here are the top three best quartz inserts for you to get started.

1. Quartz Insert Dish

The OG insert dish.

Quartz Inserts Review
Quartz Insert Dish

A quartz insert dish is a banger’s best friend. It keeps the banger clean by containing concentrates. You can use it a couple of different ways, too like we outlined above. Inserts are typically available in multiple sizes to fit nails that have 25mm or 30mm buckets.

2. Opaque Quartz Insert Dish

For faster heat-up times and increased heat retention.

Opaque Bottom Quartz Inserts Review
Opaque Quartz Insert Dish

The opaque insert dish is a lot like the quartz insert dish, except it has the added benefit of holding heat for longer. The opaque insert is made with a thicker layer of quartz, though it actually takes much less time to heat up than the ordinary quartz dish. You use it in much the same way, just cut down your heat up and cool down times. The design allows it to keep the heat evenly distributed for a longer period of time through long drags and sessions.

3. Quartz Diamond Core Insert

Increased mass provides additional heat retention

Quartz Core Inserts
Quartz Diamond Core Insert Dish

The Diamond Core insert is made of quartz and is designed to be placed directly into a banger and used in a similar way to the dish inserts. The major difference is that this dish has the added benefit of the diamond-shaped cone in the middle, which allows for an additional surface that can be used to retain heat. As you cap your banger, the dab can swirl around the cone in the center, allowing for more equal heat distribution as you swirl the concentrate around with your carb cap. Simply place the insert into the banger at room temperature, heat it up for about 40 seconds and then let it cool for 60 seconds. Once the nail and insert are ready, you can place your dab into the chamber. The diamond core insert will catch the dab, making it easier to clean up the mess. As you draw on your rig, the concentrate will spin around the central design, distributing heat throughout your nail and making your hits last longer and taste better. Best of all, it’s compatible with most carb caps, making it easy to accessorize the way you like.

All in all, quartz inserts are one of the most innovative new tools you can use to avoid chazzing and replacing your expensive bangers. They encourage more flavorful hits and make clean up a breeze, ensuring the health and longevity of your quartz nails and bangers.

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