There is just something about classic rock and getting stoned that go together. Searing guitar lines, pummeling drum beats, and booming bass riffs all seem to come together in a heady brew when dancing with Mary Jane. While the days of using the gatefold of your LP to skin up may be long gone, digital technology has ensured that those bumping grooves can be enjoyed by new generations of stoners for a long time to come.

Before we get into it, we should mention that we don’t mean to suggest that these are the best albums of the artists listed. Stoner music (and music in general) is a highly subjective thing, and you might have your own opinions as to which makes for the best background music to your next buzz. Nevertheless, we are confident that these examples hold up the standard of stoned listening admirably, and they will at least serve as a good starting point for further explorations. We know music is a huge part of stoner culture, so you can rest easy knowing these aren’t arbitrary choices.

So whether you are looking to discover what the buzz was all about or you want to relive your glory days, here is a collection of stoner classics that will definitely get your groove on.



Dark_Side_of_the_MoonPink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

From the murmur of voices that creep into the album opener, “Breathe,” you will definitely be drawn into the tapestry masterfully woven by Floyd. Rich, textured, and detailed, this work holds up to this day.


Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IILed_Zeppelin_II

Known to fans as “The Brown Bomber,” this album is every bit as heavy handed as the nickname and cover suggests. Filled with classics such as “Whole Lotta Love” and “Heartbreaker,” this is definitely recommended listening.


Black_Sabbath_-_Master_of_RealityBlack Sabbath – Masters of Reality

Nearly every Sabbath album makes for excellent stoned listening, but this one stands out in particular for the heavy, plodding feel and the anthem to the mystical plant, “Sweet Leaf.”


Jimi Hendrix – Electric LadylandJimi_Hendrix_-_Electric_Ladyland

Here’s where the mastery of Hendrix really comes together. Notable for innovative recording techniques and out of-this-world performances and songwriting.


TheDoorsTheDoorsalbumcoverThe Doors – The Doors

Dark, brooding, and rife with imagery, this is one of rock’s greatest debuts.


Santana – AbraxasSantanaAbraxas

The opening sonic tapestries set the mood for an intensely exotic and frenzied brew of searing guitar and relentless percussion. A certified classic.


BlueCheerVincebusEruptumBlue Cheer – Vincebus Eruptum

Loud, primal, violent, and relentless. This is everything great rock and roll should be.


The Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet UndergroundVelvetundergroundthirdalbum

The “banana peel” album. Harsh and jagged noise bursts and foreboding dirges interspersed with some of the most drop-dead gorgeous songs in rock history.


Grand_Funk_(album_cover)Grand Funk Railroad – Grand Funk

Who doesn’t love Grand Funk? Solid, chunky, no-frills rock and roll played with fervor and workmanlike efficiency. Undeniably catchy and heavy enough to keep the dudes happy.


Cream – Wheels of FireCreamwheelsoffire

There is a reason why Eric Clapton was called “God”, and the answer lies somewhere between these grooves. Sinewy blues licks cut through the churning bass of Jack Bruce and bludgeoning beats of Ginger Baker, combing in a wall of sound that makes for great aural sensations.


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