With a deep, heavy stone, sedating and relaxing effects, and superior pain relief qualities, Indicas will always have a place in the stash of the modern-day recreational and medical marijuana user. However, Sativas can be just as valuable to have around, due to a clearer and more cerebral high that is ideally suited for concentration, focus, and creative work. Providing more of a ‘head high’ than Indicas, Sativas are popular among those who would like to enjoy their cannabis without the ‘couch lock’ effect commonly associated with Indicas. Here are some of the best examples of Sativas currently available on the market.

Durban Poison

A wild strain originating from South Africa, Durban Poison has never been crossed with any other variety. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of different Durban Poison phenotypes available nowadays due to the cultivation of the strain in vast and varied expanses of the country. The plant itself tends to grow taller and lankier than most other Sativas, and it is characterized by dark brown and purplish pistils with long and tightly-packed buds. Yields with this strain are often good, and the smoke gives off a distinctive anise or licorice taste and smell.

Jack Herer

Jack-Herer2One of the most respected strains available today, Jack Herer is named after the noted cannabis activist from whom its name is derived. With characteristically lengthy Sativa leaves and heavy, frost-laden buds, Jack Herer is an impressive looking specimen indeed. The strain tends to be somewhat finicky in terms of growing environment, in that it performs better when left to grow tall and requires quite a specific Mediterranean climate to flourish. All this attention will pay off however, in a smoke that is the perfect combination of Haze and Skunk.

G13 Haze

A strain steeped in legend and folklore, G13 Haze is supposedly the result of a top-secret US government experiment and crossbreeding by ace Dutch cannabis breeders. Regardless of how or where it actually originated, G13 Haze definitely has the goods to back up the legend, with a heavy stone more akin to an Indica coupled with an intensely focused cerebral high. G13 Haze is widely regarded as one of the strongest marijuana strains currently available.

Purple Power

A Sativa in all the best meanings of the word, Purple Power has all the characteristics that you have come to expect from the finest examples of the variety: deep purple coloring, high yield, a sweet-sour flavor, and an intensely powerful, yet clear-headed high. The plant itself performs spectacularly in tropical climates, and yet provides respectable yields in all other climates as well. With very pleasurable and long-lasting effects, Purple Power is a great choice in Sativas.

AK 47AK 47 Strain Close Up

This one packs quite a powerful punch! With a THC rating of over 20%, AK 47 is every bit as potent as the name would suggest. Don’t worry: it’s not quite lethal, although the rich smell, intense flavor, and powerful high that allows you to maintain focus and clarity definitely makes it better suited to more experienced smokers.


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