Terp Pearls are the latest and greatest in dab tech. They help to improve dab hits by evenly distributing heat through the oil throughout the entire duration of your dab. If you’re looking for an easy way to turn mediocre dabs into something magical, an investment in terp pearl tech is the answer. Here’s everything you need to know.

What are terp pearls? 

Terp Pearls (also known as terp balls or dab pearls) are small quartz or ruby balls that help keep dabs warm by spinning around inside the nail while you take a drag from your banger. They’re used to disperse dab oil and terpenes more efficiently than by using a carb cap alone. By using terp pearls, you can use lower dabbing temperatures to get more flavorful dabs without allowing the nail to cool down before the whole dab is vaporized. Since the pearls retain heat and swirl around in the nail as it cools, the pearls can keep the dab warm enough to vaporize. They work great for small and low temp dabs, but they also work great for evenly heating extra large dabs.

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How do terp pearls work? 

If you’re wondering how to use terp pearls, you’re not the only one. Terp Pearls help to distribute heat inside a dab nail when you drag on the rig. When you drag on your capped dab rig (as you would when you take a dab), the suction and airflow in the nail itself help to move the oil and the dab pearls around. If the terp pearls were heated with the nail, it’ll ensure your oil is heated evenly when the pearls swirl around evenly as you drag cool air into the nail. If you add your terp pearls after the oil, they can help cool down your dabs and improve the flavor. A cyclone carb cap from Yo Dabba Dabba is the best choice for making the oil and terp pearls swirl correctly.

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Yo Dabba Dabba’s Terp Pearls are made from high-quality quartz.

What are terp pearls made of? 

Most terp pearls are made of premium quality quartz to ensure they retain heat while giving off no undesirable flavors. However, they can also be made with ceramic, borosilicate and ruby. While quartz stays warm longer than ceramic and borosilicate, rubies retain heat even longer than quartz.

How to achieve the best results with terp pearls 

Terp Pearls should be paired with a quartz banger that has a thicker wall structure and a nice deep bucket. The thicker the walls, the longer it’ll retain heat for big juicy dabs. You’ll also need a directional flow carb cap so that the terp pearls can swirl around the bottom of the banger, distributing heat evenly throughout your dab.

You can add your terp pearls both before and after heating depending on the experience you’re shooting for. If you want a nice, evenly heated dab, you should put the pearls in first and heat them with the nail. If you want a low-temp dab (for better flavors) you should heat the nail, add your dab and then add your room temperature pearls. The terp pearls will help move the oil throughout the nail without overheating.

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Terp pearls allow you to get more flavor out of your concentrates

Always make sure to keep your nail and pearls hygienic by cleaning them regularly with rubbing alcohol. You can use silicon-tipped tweezers to safely remove the warm terp pearls from the nail. All you have to do is soak them in rubbing alcohol and dry them on a paper towel and they’ll be good to go for next time. To clean the nail, just use a few alcohol-soaked q-tips and clean the bottom, sides, and neck of the nail thoroughly.

About Yo Dabba Dabba

Yo Dabba Dabba is an Arizona-based brand that specializes in the supply of high quality dabbing tools. Since 2014 Yo Dabba has continued to stay on top of all the latest technology and trends in the dabbing space. From essentials such as dab rigs, bangers and carb caps to advanced accessories such as eNails, terp pearls and quartz inserts, Yo Dabba Dabba has everything you need for your dabbing setup.


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