Looking for a state-of-the-art dabbing set you can call your own? The SkilleTools Master Kit is a worthy option, and it may in fact be the best way to put your concentrates to good use.

More and more people are shifting to concentrates as their cannabis product of choice. Concentrates, as the name implies, are concentrated cannabis substances that pack many times the potency of your typical bud. Also known as waxes or dubs, concentrates come in small tubs or jars of sticky, putty-like material that are dabbed onto the superheated nail of an oil ‘rig’. As the dab comes into contact with the hot metal, it vaporizes quickly, with the resulting smoke being inhaled by the user. The result is a much cleaner and more powerful high due to the near absence of contaminants and the high concentration of THC.

Quality dabbing tools

skilletools master kitIn order to get the best out of your dabs, it is essential to have a set of quality implements. The quality of the rig is essential, of course, as is the quality of the dabbing tools you use. This is where the SkilleTools Master Kit comes in.

A superb collection of some of the finest dabbing tools available, the SkilleTools Master Kit makes concentrate use easier and more efficient. Several steps up from the typical dabbing tools you can buy in head shops, SkilleTools dabbers are made of dental-grade surgical steel that can withstand years of use. If you have been using your typical dime store dabber – or worse, are still using a paperclip or similar implement – you will be pleasantly surprised at the superior performance and reliability of the dabbers that come with the Skilletools Master Kit.

Value for money

skilletools dabbing kitPriced at $60, the SkilleTools Master Kit offers all the dabbers you will ever need for a variety of scenarios and applications. The package comes in a handsome carrying case with an open outside pocket and two elastic mesh pockets inside. Measuring a convenient 8” x 5.5”, the case contains a fabulous assortment of dabbing tools, each with a specialized tip for specific applications.

The kit includes the ProTools, Glassy, the Sharpy, the Flexy, and the Scoop Dogg, along with a few other useful tools. These dabbers come in different lengths ranging from 5.5’ to 6.75”, giving you a range of options for specific uses. If you have ever had a dabber that was too short or too long for specific applications, you will definitely appreciate the range of options provided by the SkilleTools Master Kit.

Unique tip designs

The dabbers in the kit don’t just come in different lengths, they also feature uniquely designed tips that are intended for specific applications. There is an elongated round scoop/angled round scoop combo for instance, and a pointed/rounded curved scoop combo. There is also a single-ended elongated flat scraper for a longer reach, and a dual-ended dental pick for tight spots. The kit even comes with a single-ended ultra-fine mini scraper, giving you maximum flexibility for precision work.

In terms of quality and sheer variety, the SkilleTools Master Kit is pretty hard to beat. Offering superb value for the money, this dabbing kit is available at Legal Smoke Shop.

Legal Smoke Shop

Check out this awesome video demonstrating Skilletools high-quality dabbing products.

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