Looking for a useful and well-designed weed grinder? Sure, we all are at some point, but a lot of units fall down when it comes to build quality or when it comes to design. The GR8TR weed grinder manages to get both design and build quality just right, and throws in a modular design for good measure. When fully assembled, they look like high-end camera lenses and are made with similar precision.

RYOT GR8TR grinder review

You’ll notice right away that the GR8TR weed grinder is solid — it just feels good in the hand. That’s whether you’re grinding or just carrying. We’ll talk more about that modularity in a moment, but what’s especially great about how the grinder feels in your hand is that it actually takes a lot less force to turn the grinder than with other units. That saves effort, and time. You’ll notice that the teeth in the grinder are well-placed, because every millimeter was designed with comfort and effectiveness in mind. The spacing in the teeth help with the torque needed to turn, but also help grind. Two types of grinder plates allow you to tune the fineness of the grind, too, whether it’s for pipes and bongs or vaporizers.

The grinding chamber is also deep enough to grind plenty for a whole smoke sesh, and a glass jar or solid body is underneath to catch what you grind. Of course, there’s a kief screen as well, and a bottom section just for that. As for modularity, the simplest example is with the top and bottom caps of the grinder, which can be placed together and tightened and taken wherever you need to go. The small hockey puck-style carrying pod isn’t the only configuration, however.

RYOT GR8TR grinder review

You can also choose from a few different colors, like black and rose gold, but all of them look really sharp and are machined with the utmost precision. That’s really what struck this reviewer: The look is sharp while the feel is precise and solid. But the beauty isn’t just skin deep, because the details have been thought through. Things like contoured edges in the capture containers means it’s easier to get your weed out completely after grinding. None of that digging into sharp corners to retrieve bits of stuck weed.

So if you’re looking for a completely modular grinder that has plenty of room for a sesh but can be broken down into a small carrying case for your smoke, the RYOT GR8TR weed grinder is an excellent purchase. It’ll see you through the day with style, and is about half as hard to turn as a regular grinder. It just might be the perfect stocking stuffer for that heady friend, or for yourself!


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