We’re back this week with another in-depth strain review. This week, we’re covering the coveted Platinum Sky strain, which has been pretty difficult to find lately. Here’s everything you need to know about the Platinum Sky strain, including its lineage, potency, scents, flavors, effects, and medical uses.

Platinum Sky Lineage

Platinum Sky is an indica-leaning 60/40 hybrid cross between Platinum OG and Skywalker checking in at a whopping 19-24% THC. While this cross goes by several other names, Platinum Sky is best known for its fuel-tinged kush flavor and fresh herbal aromas that make this phenotype unique. It takes on many similar properties of its parent strains, including a sedative, relaxing effect and a funky, herbaceous flavor.

Platinum Sky Marijuana Review

Platinum Sky Appearance

Platinum Sky grows in a beautiful expression of indica-dominant cannabis, displaying dark forest green flowers with electric orange pistils. Each one is dense and round, nearly popcorn shaped, and absolutely coated with a thick layer of crystalline, resinous trichome heads that give the flowers their potency. The plants themselves grow in standard indica-fashion, with broad water leaves and a much stockier plant structure.

Platinum Sky Aromas

When Platinum Sky flowers dry, they take on a much different aroma than the scent they carry as they grow. Living flowers are brightly herbaceous and citrusy, though dry flowers take on more of a fuel-tinged spice. If you grind the flowers up, you’ll notice a lot of unique aromas from the OG Kush family lineage of its Platinum OG heritage, including a peppery, kush spice. However, Skywalker also brings some refreshing citrus aromas to the mix.

Platinum Sky Flavors

The flavor profile is much like the aroma profile, though a bit more refined. The inhale will highlight those herbal notes, though the flavors will truly shine in the smoke itself. Like many other strains in the OG Kush family, Platinum OG has a thick, peppery smoke that is reminiscent of many other Kush strains. However, as you exhale (and consequently cough), you’ll notice a much more mellow sensation on the tongue including flavors of lemon, citrus, wood, spice and fresh herbs.

Platinum Sky Effects

As you exhale your first puff of Platinum Sky, you’ll notice the deeply soothing effects taking hold nearly immediately. The strain starts off in the mind, with a tingling sensation behind the eyes. It’ll first leave you feeling happy and uplifted, making way for a cozy unfocused euphoria that is perfect for numbing the mind and washing away feelings of stress and sour moods to help you unwind after a long day. Soon after the cerebral effect kicks in, the strain will creep into the body, spreading comfort and calm into each and every limb and muscle leaving you fully and ultimately relaxed. All in all, this gentle cerebral buzz makes way for a comfortable relaxed high as your muscles relax and the strain helps you melt into the couch.

Platinum Sky Medical Uses

These effects coupled with higher than average levels of THC makes Platinum Sky an excellent choice for treating a variety of physical and mental ills and ailments, though the strain is best used at nighttime. The indica-dominant effects are excellent against sleep related conditions including insomnia, as the high usually fades into a deep, peaceful sleep. In the mind, it’s an excellent choice for depression, stress, mood swings and PTSD. As an indica-dominant strain, its effects are most potent in the body, though. Platinum Sky can also help you manage chronic pain, muscle spasms, a lack of appetite, and headaches.

Platinum Sky weed review

Platinum Sky Grow Guide

If you wanted to grow Platinum Sky in your medicine garden, you’d first need to get a clone of it from the original breeder since these seeds are not currently available to the public. Luckily, many dispensaries carry the strain. Regardless, Platinum Sky is an indica-dominant hybrid and grows as such. She tends to grow out instead of up, creating bushy plants with viney branches that will need to be trimmed back regularly to keep her growth under control. The strain will require a major trimming before she flips into the flower cycle to encourage flower growth, and will also benefit from lots of topping and training via trellis netting early on to help support her large flowers when they emerge. Like most other strains, be sure to monitor your humidity levels closely to avoid mold or budrot issues.

All in all, Platinum Sky is a great indica-dominant strain. It’s potent physical effects make it a great choice for evening medicine, and its pleasant euphoric high make it a calm and comfortable strain for managing symptoms before bedtime. If you’ve been running around after a long day of making deadlines, running errands, or feeling stressed out, we think you’ll love this strain. On the other hand, if you have a lot of pain and physical symptoms that you manage with THC, this hard-hitter is an excellent choice for all of your physical and mental ailments.


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