Even though all you really need to smoke weed is the weed itself and a lighter, stoners are some of the most ingenious people out there. Since legalization, the industry has made leaps and bounds in all sorts of different tech to make the job that much more easy, efficient and flavorful. Below we’re breaking down a few of the most innovative weed products on the market.

1. Banana Bros OTTO

Best high tech grinder 

OTTO automatic grinder banana bros
OTTO automatic grinder by Banana Bros

Price:  $149.99
Ideal for:  The smoker who likes joints and blunts
Where to buy: Banana Bros website

OTTO is THE automatic grinder. The design utilizes AI to automatically adjust its speed, pressure, and direction based on your weed’s consistency and texture to make sure you get the perfect grind every time.

However, OTTO isn’t a grinder, exactly. It’s a milling machine. Regular grinders are prone to shredding and compressing your weed into an unpleasant consistency or sticky lump that gums up the inner workings of the grinder. OTTO utilizes two milling blades to gently separate your flowers into your desired consistency to ensure that you get the perfect smoke every time.

More importantly, it also comes with a filling tool that you can use to directly transfer the material you grind up with OTTO directly into your favorite cones. It really is the best of the best, and fully automatic. Say goodbye to caveman grinder tech.

2. Puffco Peak Pro

Best high-tech eRig

Puffco Peak eRig
Puffco Peak eRig

Price: $249
Ideal for: Someone who like dabs
Where to buy: Puffco website

The original Puffco Peak was a pinnacle of modern engineering that birthed so many different types of eRigs, like the Carta or the Unicorn. However, Puffco’s patented design only improved with the Puffco Peak Pro.

The Puffco Peak Pro came out after addressing many of the issues users experienced when the original Peak went viral. They opted for better heating capabilities and a more stellar lightshow, along with app connectivity and a better battery life.

They also came out with the 3D atomizer core, which is like an aftermarket piece that heats the entire chamber of the eRig instead of just the bottom, allowing for better vaporization, less waste, and improved flavors. While many companies have tried to compete, the Peak Pro is one of the best eRigs to hit the market.

3. Stundenglass Gravity Infuser

Best high-tech water pipe

Stundenglass Gravity Bong
Stundenglass Gravity Bong

Price:  $599.95
Ideal for:  Someone looking for big hits
Where to buy: Stundenglass website

There’s a reason Seth Rogen and many other celebrity stoners stand by Stundenglass — their water pipes look like they belong in a museum. More importantly, they’re great for seshing with lots of people all at once, look great in any room, and offer superior flavors to others who have tried to copy the design.

The Stundenglass Gravity Infuser is a modern gravity bong that removes the need for a bucket and an old gallon jug and replaces it with a functional piece of art. The device utilizes a water chamber and a gravity system. When the water chamber is flipped, it pulls smoke and water into the chambers, producing enough smoke to satisfy many different heads in one go. Best of all, it comes with hookah attachments that can be used when seshing.

4. Volcano Hybrid

Best high-tech tabletop vaporizer 

Volcano Hybrid vaporizer
Volcano Hybrid vaporizer

Price:  $699
Ideal for:  Someone who wants convenience
Where to buy: Storz and Bickel website

Storz and Bickel has been a household name since they dropped their original Volcano back in 1996. However, they keep engineers on staff and continue to put out equipment that many have tried to compete with but simply can’t.

Their latest addition is the Volcano Hybrid, which is a tabletop vaporizer with more gadgets on it than a Swiss army knife. Like the Peak Pro, the Volcano can connect to your smartphone for precise temperature control. But more importantly, it offers two different ways to vaporize your concentrates or flower. You can go for the classic bag inhale, or you can use the hookah tube for comfort and convenience.

More importantly, the thing heats up instantly and looks gorgeous on any tabletop.

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