There are many artists out there who dabble in glass art, but none who have had such an impact of the medium as Jerome Baker Designs has had. Jerome Baker Designs, otherwise known as JBD, has been around since the American pipe movement really got going. They quickly made a name for themselves by creating glass bongs much more unique and beautiful than anyone had ever seen.

The Glass Company, Jerome Baker Designs, was started by two men, Jason Harris and Saeed Mothadi. Over the years, theyve worked hard to bring attention to glass art and have forged a demand for glass that is now a multi-million dollar industry that has thousands of glassblowers working within it. Now thats success!

Fostering the growth of the industry

Jerome Baker Designs RigsBack when Jerome Baker Designs first started off back in 1991, they werent very big. They were only employing about 70 glassblowers to create their functional glass. With the advancements in shipping glass, Jerome Baker Designs has been able to begin shipping their unique creations through the internet to customers all over the place. This has allowed them to create a new market for glass with people that wouldnt have otherwise been interested.

Unfortunately, all good things experience a few bumps in the road, and Jerome Baker Designs was no exemption. In 2003, the company was shut down by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for selling paraphernalia. Understandably, those working for Jason Baker Designs didnt really know what to expect in terms of the future of the business and that future of the glass culture they had created.

Glass culture lives on

Jeromer Baker Crisis Baker Bot

Fortunately, the glass culture is still alive and kicking, and even Jerome Baker Designsglass creations can be found for sale on the internet at websites like LegalSmokeShop.coman online head shop that sells pipes, water pipes, vaporizers, and more. It also sells a number of different Jerome Baker products. The top seller, which is making real waves at the moment, is the Jerome Baker Crisis Robot oil rig piece.

In addition, Jerome Baker Designs also has social media sites set up to promote their products. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.

So if youre in the market for a unique glass piece for your home or recreational activities, check out Jerome Baker Designs. Theyre sure to have that little something special that youre looking for.

Check out one of the Jerome Baker Designs’  dabbing rigs in action.

💨💨Clouds for daze!! When the kush so good ya can’t feel your face😬😬Nothing hits like an oldschool daily driver!! @whatdraysay

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